Saved Kisses Clothing Line Review

    New Theory reviews Saved Kisses Clothing Line

    Saved Kisses clothing line is fantastic, not only do they have cute clothes but the vision for their clothing line is even more amazing. I will explain more about their vision in detail after my review.  I received the beautiful Fearless jumpsuit. ”Designed for the girl that wishes she could wear elegant pajamas.” Let me tell you this is a must-have piece in your closet! It is super comfy yet elegant. So you can dress it up with some heels, or wear it casual with some sandals or flip-flops. Amazing right!? This jumpsuit has extra long sleeves and open back that are meant to make you feel sexy and cozy at the same time. The defined waistline and wide leg pant will make you feel like you can command any room. I wore this piece out to a brunch with friends. I got so many compliments, all my friends asked where I got it from and now they all own the jumpsuit. Excellent quality and it compliments your body shape.

    Saved kisses is an Eco & animal-friendly/ sustainably made in the U.S clothing line.

    Peta – Approved Vegan! <3

    The Vision:

    They wanted you to feel like you can wear pajamas all day long, so they chose the softest fabrics that cause the least harm to animals and the environment. The added stretch makes them a tad sporty, therefore acceptable to wear outdoors.

    Every aspect of Saved Kisses clothing is gentle: from production to the way it feels on your skin. That is why they ensure no animals were captured and killed, no cheap labor was purchased, and no harsh chemicals or dyes were used. All packaging is produced from recycled materials, our fabric mills have strict air quality control, and all clothing is 100% made in the U.S.A.

    They take pride in their fabric being 92% modal- a nonsynthetic based fabric. It is developed from sustainably harvested beech trees giving it a wood pulp base and making it not only biodegradable but giving it a “high wet modulus”- perfect for the girl that is always breaking a sweat or playing by the ocean.

    Saved Kisses is getting back in touch with our hearts. Promoting a futuristic lifestyle for the untamed visionary that believes an educated consumer purchase can make the world a better and gentler place.   

    Designed for the girl that wishes she could wear elegant pajamas. The extra long sleeves and open back are meant to make you feel sexier and cozier at the same time. The defined waistline and wide leg pant will make you feel like you can command any room.

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