Millennial Poet Releases Hyde Park Halos

    Millennial Poet Valid releases his latest piece Hyde Park Halos


    Time and time again.

    We bid farewell to a dying friend.

    Why is there this dividing trend 

    Never will this crying end ?

    Years after years and tears after tears .

    There’s youth after youth 

    remembered from the roots.

    Now why is this the truth ?


    A bus ride with bumps and bruises

    Ravaging to the bone so ruthless,

    We are all left so silent and clueless,

    Wondering who could ever do this.


    The star in the night sky,

    Did not know you but I might cry

    Knowing someone let the light die.

    We finally caught the right guy.


    A vibe carried

    Down the hall into the library.

    Where on display was a shrine

    showcasing a smile so divine.


    We are weary and down and dreary.

    Not long ago you were living your dream.

    Few days ago god has given your wings,

    Missed by all while sitting in the bright beams.


    I will say a prayer for you all,

    And for everyone who care for you all.

    I hope I can share for you all

    This tribute for the town,

    That had plenty of tissues on the ground.

    We stare at these stones in the dirt.

    Deep in our bones we know your worth.

    Halos let your spirit shine and slow the hurt.

    Dedicated to the youthful angels and the families they look after. 


    Ballads By Valid is part of our ongoing poetry series from Vinny Tartaglia


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