Round Rock’s Fencing Types and the Cheapest Options

    There are a wide variety of fences available in the market today. The fence impacts not only your home’s exterior design but also provides security. A properly installed fence by professionals gives you a sense of safety and belonging, which we all crave. Fences are a great addition to your home’s exterior, be they made of wood, chain link, aluminum, or iron. Let us look at the fencing options available and some of the cheapest fencing options.

    1. Aluminum fences

    Aluminum fences are the most simple and appealing type. It is maintenance-free and can be altered to look like any of the other fence types. The only maintenance cost you will have to pay if you decide to paint it or decorate it. However, it does not provide the security you would expect.

    2. Wood fences

    Wood fences are the most popular type of fences in the USA. Wood fences are considerably tall, which is why they provide a sense of privacy to homeowners. They also look stylish and attractive compared to other fences. If you are on a tight budget, then wood fencing is ideal for you as it is cheap but will make your house look welcoming.

    The cost of wood fences depends upon many factors such as the height and size of the fence, how lumbar it is and which quality of wood is used. Woof fences are very durable and last your whole life, depending on the quality of woof you choose. Are you looking to install a wood fence around your house? “click here” to get the best quality wood fences.

    3. PVC fences

    PVC fencing is the cheapest fencing option out there. PVC sleeves are mounted on wooden posts by using either adhesive or screws. This cuts down the amount of wood used and lowers the cost. PVC fences can be found in a variety of colors and sizes. PVC fences are resistant to many elements.

    4. Wrought Iron fence

    Wrought iron fences are a beautiful and durable option. You can repaint them every two years to keep them new and fresh. However, wrought iron fences are not cheap and will cost you many dollars.

    5. Vinyl Fences

    Vinyl fences are the most elite and top choice. Vinyl fences are stronger and more flexible than wood fences. They are easy to maintain because they resist pain which makes them super easy to clean off stains. All you need to do is put on some soap and wash it off using a water hose.

    6. Chain link fences

    If you want to add fences around your house for privacy concerns, chain link fencing is not ideal. They do not provide privacy but provide all other basic features such as low maintenance, durable, strong, and cheap. However, you can increase your privacy by adding flowers and privacy slats outside the chain-link fences.

    In a nutshell

    When it comes to fencing, there are many options available. Round Rock can help you install the ideal fence that is perfect according to your needs. Contact us and be stress-free because we will install the perfect fence at the best rates in town.


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