Roll It Up! 9 Awesome Benefits of Pre Rolled Joints


    Over half of the U.S population have tried cannabis at least once in their life.

    Cannabis is currently legal in 11 states for recreation, and 33 states for medicinal use. Whichever way you consume cannabis, the best way is buying pre-rolled joints.

    If you’re still not convinced, you’ve come to the right place. Here are nine reasons why pre rolled joints rule.

    What Are Pre Rolled Joints?

    Pre-rolled joints, or prerolls, are popular in the cannabis industry. There’s a wide range of pre rolled joints on the market, including:

    Classic Joint

    A classic joint contains anything from 0.5 to 1.5 grams of cannabis. It’s rolled in bleached or unbleached rolling paper, made from natural materials like hemp. 

    This type of joint is often twisted at the end or stuffed like a cannon.

    King-Sized Joint

    This is the perfect prerolled joint for cannabis aficionados. King-sized joints contain up to 1.75 grams of weed and have a special filter. 

    Larger filters give you a bigger hit while others have a funneled design for those after a less intense experience.

    The Dipped Doobie

    Dipped doobies are classic or king-sized joints that are lined with cannabis oil, giving you the ultimate smoking session.

    Caviar Joints

    This type of pre-rolled joint is like the Dipped Doobie but instead of high-quality cannabis, it’s packed with caviar or ‘moonrocks’.

    Moonrocks are cannabis that’s been dipped in rosin and then rolled in kief or hash.

    The 9 Benefits of Pre Rolled Joints

    Now we’ve covered the most popular pre-rolled joints on offer, we can dive into its many advantages. Consider these, for example:

    1. Convenience

    One of the most obvious benefits of pre-rolled joints is convenience. If you don’t know how to roll joints, you can pop into a pre rolled joints dispensary and you’ll be smoking up in minutes.

    Convenience is also perfect for medical marijuana patients who suffer from ailments like arthritis and who may be unable to roll their own.

    Plus, pre-rolled joints are compact and easy to carry. If you’re going out, you don’t want to be lumbered with a cartridge pen, pipe, or a bag.

    You just need to buy pre-rolled joints and carry them in their plastic carrying case.

    1. Lets You Upgrade

    Getting pre-made marijuana rolling joints lets you dabble with top shelf strains without paying for a full ounce. Papaya Nights CBD joints are a prime example of this.

    You can also buy pre-rolled joints that already have hash oil or wax so you don’t have to deal with a sticky mess.

    1. Discreet 

    Another advantage of pre-rolled joints is how discreet they are, thanks to their cigarette-like appearance. You can bring prerolls to a gig or a restaurant without worrying about making a mess.

    Plus, the packaging conceals the smell which is useful when you’re in a busy place.

    1. Great Introduction to Cannabis

    Pre-rolled joints are fantastic for those starting out or if you’re too lazy to roll up.

    They’re ready-to-smoke, don’t need any extra set up, and give you an instant high compared to other options like edibles.

    1. High-Quality Rolling

    There’s an art to rolling joints and if you’re a newbie, it could take a while to master.

    Plus, you have to get rolling paper and hope you make an evenly rolled joints otherwise it may ‘canoe’, which means it only burns on one side.

    Buying pre-rolled joints guarantees a smooth delivery, that burns perfectly thanks to the roll and high-quality cannabis. You can puff gently and conserve the joint when you’ve had enough so they last for quite a while.

    1. Consistent 

    Pre-rolled joints are designed to be consistent. A joint consists of the wrapping and the shake, which is ground cannabis.

    The manufacturer ensures that cannabis is a consistent texture so the quality of the pre-rolled joints and the smoke is always excellent.

    You’re also rest-assured that the pre-rolled joints contain the exact amount of flower so you know how much gets you high. Not only does this save you time, but it means you don’t have to buy more than you need.

    1. Cost-Effective 

    It’s often more cost-effective to buy pre-rolled joints compared to other cannabis products. 

    Pre-rolled joints are reasonably priced and you can get them at medical or recreational facilities. Many stores use pre-rolled joints as a promotional tool and give them to you for free or at a discount when you buy other items.

    The price of individual prerolls depends on the strain so you can try different ones and find the brand that best suits your needs.

    Plus, prerolls are handy if you want to blaze at an event or on a one-time basis as they’re non-committal.

    1. Keeps the Bud Fresh

    Many smokers like having multiple pre-rolled joints ready so they’re prepared. Pre-rolled joints also ensure the bud doesn’t dry out which will cause the joint to burn too quickly.

    1. Wildly Available 

    Pre-rolled joints are available in many recreational stores, dispensaries, and online cannabis stores that sell premium prerolled joints.

    Many manufacturers provide shipping and delivery services so you can get your favorite pre-rolled joints shipped to your door.

    Those Are Why Pre Rolled Joints Are Best

    Pre-rolled joints are a fantastic option if you don’t know how to roll, you only want to smoke once, or if you want to experiment with new strains.

    You’re also guaranteed a well-rolled joint so you have the ultimate smoke. Happy smoking!

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