Rescue Treats Product Review

    Rescue Treats are a unique and innovative dog treat product created by veterinarian-recommended pet food company in the United States. These treats provide your furry friends with a number of health benefits including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and Omega 3 fatty acids that can improve their overall wellbeing. What sets these treats apart from other products is that they have been specially designed for senior dogs who may need extra support for their changing dietary needs. With Rescue Treats you can ensure your beloved pooch is getting all the nutrition they need in one tasty snack! 


    The texture of Rescue Treats is soft and chewy which make them easy to eat. They also come in five different flavors – chicken, beef, pork, salmon and lamb – so there’s something to satisfy every pup’s taste buds! The ingredients used are premium quality and sourced from reliable suppliers around the world ensuring only the best goes into each bag. The treats are made without any artificial colors or preservatives meaning they’re healthy as well as delicious. Not only this but they’re low calorie too so owners don’t need to worry about overfeeding their pets when giving them these snacks as rewards throughout the day. 

    When it comes to nutritional value Rescue Treats really stand out from other pet treat options on the market today thanks to all of those added vitamins and minerals mentioned before. Your canine companion will get an antioxidant boost plus key nutrients like zinc which helps promote a healthy immune system while choline works towards improving cognitive function; both highly beneficial qualities especially when feeding senior animals who may be more prone to certain ailments due age-related factors such as arthritis or poor eyesight/hearing levels etc.. Other great additions include natural sources of fiber promoting digestive regularity along with proteins for muscle development – wonderful if you have an older fur baby whose activity levels have decreased over time due reduced mobility issues etc.. Lastly omega 3 fatty acids act as anti-inflammatories helping maintain joint pain at bay along with aiding many other related functions that could otherwise affect our beloved seniors’ daily lives negatively long term speaking .  

    From Foster Kid to Helping Foster Dogs: NYC Entrepreneur Helps Dog Rescues

    Animal shelters and rescue organizations are in desperate need of assistance as they recover from the pandemic and face record inflation. Dog rescues, for example, are mainly funded through philanthropy and run by volunteers. Unfortunately, the same economic uncertainty that is impacting all Americans also impacts rescue organizations.  At the end of the day, foster dogs need to find foster homes. But who is funding the rescues?
    Arron Jones-Williams
    One such local entrepreneur, Arron Jones-Williams, who was himself a foster child in need of a loving home, created Rescue Treats® to help solve this dilemma by helping fund dog rescue organizations.  Arron had a successful career working in the finance industry as a risk analyst, but after getting laid off, he took a huge risk of his own. Using his savings, he created the first dog treat company of its kind where you can select a local rescue to support at checkout.
    Fortunately, many dogs are getting a second chance thanks to Rescue Treats® (a certified minority business enterprise). Rescue Treats® helps fund rescues by making the best tasting, and all-natural treats for our furry friends, in fact, their local bakery has been broken into three times already by dogs (they have the security camera footage). Simply put, they bake all-natural dog treats and donate the profits to dog rescues.

    Meet the Tester: Chloe

    Chloe loves Rescue Treats as she is hanging out with her Cousin Zeus

    Overall we think Rescue Treats offer amazing value for money given how nutrient dense yet low calorie these snacks actually are; not just good looking either since pooches seem enjoy munching away contentedly whenever rewarded one of these tasty morsels during playtime or training sessions etc.. If you want give your ageing pup something special then definitely check out this range provided you follow instructions indicated packaging correctly course … After all making sure our four legged family members eat right important thing do whatever stage life might find ourselves …

    Check out Rescue Treats here:


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