Rebirth From Redemption


    This is where I lead my life now.

    When all I want is to leave my life how

    I have longly envisioned,

    once the breath from my body is missing.

    While marijuana leaves my clarity clouded over,

    I know if I was sober my cross would convert to a clover.

    What are probably pebbles over my shoulder 

    amass an amount to feel like a boulder.

    Young man is ready for his growth,

    Still weary from facing his ghosts.

    Mother always said be the happiest of hosts,

    meanwhile I’ve had the raspiest of throats

    Screaming for freedom

    from feeling responsible for why Nancy isn’t breathing.

    Given the chance he could see a reason

    Through rebirth he grinds throughout grieving.

    My weakness was my best friend

    but I can’t hear you now.

    Blocking negativity to let the rest in

    Abusive and alluring; I’m no longer near you now.

    – BalladsbyValid


    • Twenty two years old with too much experience when it comes to hardship. I've used both music and poetry to shine light to the darkness that I've endured. For nine years I've written and recorded rap lyrics. Now working with New Theory to provide you with reality rhymes within BalladsbyValid's poetry.