The Value Of Choosing A Canadian Web Host

    When first establishing their online presence, many new business owners will misguidedly partner with the first web host that comes to mind. What they may not realize is a number of popular hosting giants have at this point overcrowded their shared servers resulting in fewer resources to go around from site to site.

    Businesses with local audiences further lose out choosing an international provider, as they don’t necessarily get optimized on the search engines that count. If you’re a Canadian business looking to connect with a Canadian audience and want to ensure you’re getting the most out of your hosting plan, choose a Canadian partner.

    Partnering With A Local Host Will Boost SEO

    If your website runs on a Canadian server, you’ll be optimized for Canadian search engines faster. This means your business name and site will be more likely to appear first when your local target market types in keywords related to your products or services. This is especially valuable if you rely on geographical marketing to attract people in your surrounding area.

    SEO ratings also remain most stable when your server is maintained properly, alleviating downtimes and slow load times. A respectable Canadian web host like HostPapa boasts low density servers for optimal performance and offers 99.9% uptimes.

    Going Local Is Cost Effective

    By the time prices are converted from US dollars to Canadian ones and taking into account the rate of conversion that fluctuates from day to day, Canadian businesses can end up paying much more than they anticipated for American services. With Canadian web hosting companies the fee you’re charged is the fee you pay; what you spend is also funnelled back into your nation’s economy, benefiting you in the long-term.

    Fewer Privacy Concerns With A Canadian Host

    US servers can be seized by the government should there be suspicion of terrorist or illegal activity; what this means is every company on the server risks their confidential business information being subjected to inspection. In Canada, it’s far more difficult for government bodies to produce cause enough to seize servers, protecting people’s private interests more fervently.

    They don’t have to worry about FBI agents raiding their website without adequate evidence. Any take down requests of a Canadian server need far more proof to be considered legitimate, affording hosting entities more time to isolate problematic sites when they receive a notice of caution, enabling them to salvage the rest.

    It’s Easier To Connect With Customer Service

    A customer service centre that operates in the same time zone as you, where local IT experts may be aware of wider connection issues occurring in the area is helpful when calling in with a problem. It’s also less stressful being directed by representatives that speak the same kind of language, use similar euphemisms, and share an understanding of Canadian web hosting needs.

    This is not always the case when customer care is located as far as Florida; it might also take them longer to troubleshoot an issue being located thousands of miles away. Instead, give yourself the hosting experience that lets you feel closer to home, particularly if you’re new to hosting and navigating unchartered waters.  


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