Read about the rules and features of Handball betting

    Handball betting

    Handball is not very popular, and so is handball betting, compared to basketball and especially football. But still, this is a team sport and the bookmakers have traditionally developed a wide selection of line bets.

    Handball bet began to be accepted not so long ago due to the fact that this is a young sport that is just starting to develop. However, now you can bet on handball online at some bookmakers, in particular at Parimatch Canada, and start your path to receiving winnings. To do this, you should study general information about the bookmaker, strategy, and the individual features of this discipline. Only in this case, it will be possible to turn handball betting odds into a way to get winnings.

    Since this is a team sport, bets on this sport discipline are quite unconventional for line betting systems. The first thing a bettor needs to do is to learn the rules of this discipline.

    How to bet on handball

    For predictions result, follow the handball betting tips. The stakes are:

    • Exodus. This is more than a standard “1v2” lineup, when you need to choose a victory of one of the two teams or a draw. Moreover, in the latest version of the result, the odds are traditionally high. After all, the effectiveness of handball matches in most cases is quite high, and it is not often that teams can keep up with the number of goals scored. This is not football, when the ball may simply not go into the goal, a lot of chances are created.
    • Handicap – a bet in which you can get into the final score gap in a duel. As in other sports, this option can be positive when the bettor believes that the bookmaker is underestimating the possibilities of an outsider. And also negative, when the leader is really too strong, so the bet on his victory is not attractive. Then there is a bet on a victory over a nominally weaker opponent with a large (as far as the handicap determines) lead in the score. Moreover, there may be a handicap both for a full duel and for a separate half.
    • Total. Team performance rate. They accept bets on the total, that is, on how much both opponents will make for the entire match. Typically available and “individual” for a specific team. Paintings are also available for separate halves, integer and fractional, mainly with a share of “0.5”. Alternatively, the line may be referred to as “Both Team Goals”. The meaning also does not change, but in how many they kill, they kill the enemy. One caveat: there cannot be something individual by default.

    Exact goal difference. A specific gap in the final score is predicted along this line. As a rule, not a specific number of points

    • is chosen, but its range, for example 1-5 or 6-10 goals. A separate option is “three-way”, that is, one when you can bet on
    • the exact gap in the final score. That is, less than 9, more than 9 or 9;
      combo options. Something made up of the above. As a rule, they take the exit with one or another total. What can be called
    • interesting in this option is that, compared to the usual familiar lines, quotes will be increased, which makes their use more attractive to gamblers.

    You can make best bets today and tonight. In particular, the world cup and much more.

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