A Brief Explainer Video Crash Course

    much. There are untold millions of them out there in the world at this point. If you own a company or operate one, you might have to create some explainer videos eventually.


    We will talk about explainer videos in this brief crash course. We will cover their purpose, how much they can cost, and other common concerns surrounding this topic.


    What Exactly is an Explainer Video?

    An explainer video is a marketing video. You can usually find them in different places online. For instance, you will often find them on company websites.


    You might see one above the fold on the landing page if you visit a business’s website. That explainer video will likely talk about the company and what it does. You might also find additional explainer videos on individual product pages that talk about each product or service the company offers.


    You can find further explainer videos all over YouTube. Some companies make them, but also individuals who want to get famous as influencers.


    How Much Does an Explainer Video Cost?

    Quality explainer videos will cost from $4,000 to $25,000. If you’re thinking about commissioning a company to create one for you, you’ll need to consider the video’s length. The average explainer video lasts two minutes, but you can also request shorter or longer ones if you need those.


    If you’re just starting your company, an explainer video price tag might seem high. You can always try to create your own explainer video instead of paying the pros.


    If you do that, though, it might not turn out as good. Hiring professionals ensures a high-quality product that shows your company, products, and services in the best possible light.


    Should You Hire Actors for an Explainer Video?

    You’ll need to determine whether you want a live-action explainer video or an animated one. Animated videos sometimes cost more, but they might capture the public’s attention more than the live-action option. You’ll need to consult with your marketing team to see whether they feel live-action or animation will serve your needs better.


    If you go with live-action, you’ll need to consider using some of your workers or hiring actors. If you have some photogenic employees who you think will look good and feel comfortable onscreen, you might use them. If you feel like you have shy workers who can’t remember their lines or who will look uncomfortable in front of the camera, then you can hire actors if you have the money in your budget to do so.


    What Else Should You Know About Explainer Videos?

    You will also need a writer to compose the video’s script. You will likely want to score it with music that fits the mood you are trying to create.


    You might hire an actor to do the voice-over work for you. They can read the script until you feel sure they’ve gotten it right. You can change any lines that seem out of place before the video appears on your website or YouTube channel.


    Once you have created a couple of these videos, you’ll likely get the format down. You want short videos that get your point across quickly and accurately.


    You don’t want to mention anything controversial in the video. You’re trying to sell your company or products, and that means a concise sales pitch talking about what your business entity brings to the table.


    You might have to create many of these videos if you have a larger company with many services and products. Think about a company like John Deere, for example. They need to create tons of explainer videos for their many riding mowers and other products.


    Many other examples exist, but you get the idea. Some companies can get away with creating a single explainer video that talks about their identity and what they do. You might see such a video on a lawyer’s website, for instance.


    A larger company that makes many products might require dozens or hundreds of explainer videos. They might need one for each product or service. They may also feature explainer videos about how to do returns or use a chatbot on their webpage.


    Once you learn how to create explainer videos, you should get better at it. If you don’t feel you can master the skill set or don’t want to take the time, you should hire a company to handle this task.

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