Questions To Ask Air Conditioning Specialists

    This questionnaire is made to give you protection, satisfaction and ease when hiring the best air conditioning specialists. Moving on, below are 7 of the questions you MUST ask to find success when hiring specialists to repair, maintain, install or replace your air conditioning unit.

    7 Questions To Ask Air conditioning Specialists

    • Are you bonded and insured?

    This is your assurance that the service you will receive is what you need and will be provided in the safest manner possible. You would never want to be held liable to any issues and problems that may occur during the time service is being provided, like accidents or anything else of the like.

    • Do you provide your customers with free consultation?

    For you to assess their credibility, it is nice if they offer free consultation. Their free consultation will not only provide you with their initial assessment of the repair and installation, but also estimate of the price you need to prepare.

    • How much experience does your air conditioning specialists has?

    Even how long their company is in the industry, their specialists experience will say a lot on the service they can provide. Knowing how long their specialists are working in the industry will somehow give you a grasp of how well they can work on different air conditioning instances and issues. You may be able to see their company’s tenure through their website, but rarely did they put their specialists tenure in the air conditioning industry.

    • Can I ask for your price list?

    How much do they charge to install air conditioning units? How much they charge for specific repairs? All these questions you need to ask for two things; number one, compare their prices to the rest of the air conditioning companies and two to give you an opportunity to negotiate.

    • How long do you need to install the new air conditioning equipment?

    You are asking them not to rush their service, but to give you an idea of how long you have to wait before your unit will get installed or repaired.

    • Are you open and available 24 hours a day?

    This information is for sure noted on their website, but there is nothing wrong if you ask. You want a service that is available to be contacted when you need them, as waiting for the next business day to have your air con fixed, especially when someone is sick in your family, is not an option at all.

    • Does your service offer warranty?

    Warranty is important, as you would never want to pay for the same service after few months because of their faulty and wrong repair or installation. Know the warranty duration and inclusion of their warranty, as it is important to ensure you will not get disqualified in between of warranty duration.

    The more questions you ask, the closer you will get hiring the best specialists to work on your air conditioning unit. Never hesitate asking questions as that is your key being successful owning and having air conditioning for your home or office.


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