Pop Starlet Hitha Releases New Single ‘Independent’

    At just 14 years old, pop sensation Hitha is applying her distinct sound to make a difference in the world and her community. Singing since she was merely four years old, Hitha’s blossomed into a young adult who recognizes music’s capability of inspiration when its message is positivity. “Music is my outlet whenever I am stressed or sad, and I want my music to be that source of relief for other people,” Hitha says. Blending melodious classical Indian sounds and soulful American pop vibes, Hitha continuously lionesses positivity while experimenting with her music and personal style.

    Hitha’s latest groundbreaking hit, “Independent” was released at midnight on Tuesday, April 17th. It trumpets the take-charge decisiveness that emanates through all her music. “I’m getting up, From the hole I’m buried in, Starting on my new path, Not letting you mess with me again, I’m gonna come back stronger, You’re not gonna push me down, I’m gonna fight for what I want…”  Independent is catchy, wholesome and an empowering anthem impelling listeners to fulfill their biggest dreams.

    Aside from promoting a carpe diem lifestyle as a songwriter and performer, Hitha is passionate about ensuring the next generation’s voices are heard. “Teens should be involved in the conversation,” Hitha says, “We, too, can be the voices in our communities to help change the world and inspire those around us.” As a spokesperson for her fellow peers, Hitha believes young adults should participate in important matters such as politics in order to better the future.

    Family also is top priority for Hitha. She values time spent with her parents and younger sister and greatly appreciates the assistance she’s received from them in order to find the success she’s experienced. “In the evenings or weekends, we make a point of spending quality time with each other,” Hitha says of her family, “sometimes we are just sitting together in the same room – but it is important to maintain our communication.”

    Hitha’s last single, “Special” beautifully exemplifies the impact people can have on one-another. The song describes the bond and love you can share with a special person. That special someone for Hitha was her grandmother. She recalls times spent with her grandmother before she passed away, “sitting, cooking, laughing and telling stories.” Influenced by her grandmother greatly, Hitha wrote the song honoring their relationship. “We all have one special person,” Hitha says, and her words ring true to everyone.

    Music is Hitha’s art form, it is her outlet for expressing emotion and inspiring others. “I don’t compare my sound to other artists,” she says. This reflects her authenticity in her creation, she finds beauty in the world around her and uses it to influence her work. “My music is art – each piece is a reflection of my emotions, what I’m going through – my reactions at that time, and in that space. I cannot categorize it except to say that I hope it inspires other.” Where does Hitha’s passion for music stem from? Her love of the idea that everyone can relate to music, no matter who you are or where you live in the world.

    In the near future, fans can expect the same drive and leadership from Hitha that she’s made herself known for. In terms of music, shooting “Independent’s” music video has begun. New collaborations are in the work. And as for live appearances, Hitha’s impressive and uplifting shows are heating up as summer performances and tours are being scheduled. Hitha’s journey has only just begun and as a young adult with an inspiring passion, she has no limits to her future accomplishments.


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