Top 8 Adventure Holiday Ideas

    adventure holiday

    Are you bored with hitting the beach every year just to read a book, sip on a cocktail and catch some sun? Even though this might sound like a perfect holiday to some, others need a bit more excitement in their travels! So, if you want to spice up your holiday this year, here are the top eight ideas that will definitely make you feel alive.

    Mountain biking in New Zealand

    While riding a bicycle isn’t a super extreme activity, the New Zealand scenery will simply make your bike ride come alive. Since New Zealand has so many amazing trails and biking spots to offer (don’t get overwhelmed) biking around Lake Wakatipu is a great choice. In the winter, this spot is great for skiing, but once the snows thaw, you get to enjoy kilometers and kilometers of mountain biking trails that will definitely raise your heartbeat as your rush down the slopes. Almost every nearby town rents great bikes and locals know amazing hidden trails, so you’re bound to have an unforgettable adventure.

    Cruising the Route 66 in the USA

    route 66

    If biking just isn’t up to your speed, make sure to hit the famous Route 66 on an angry hog. This road trip will allow you to make plenty of stops and enjoy the scenery: You can visit the Grand Canyon, explore LA and gamble in Vegas! The sound of your roaring Harley Davidson mixed with wide, endless roads will give you just a tiny yet unforgettable taste of American freedom.

    Skydiving in Dubai

    If jumping out of a plane was always on your bucket list, make it happen this summer! Sure, you can skydive practically anywhere in the world, but if you’re looking for something truly special, visit Dubai. On your way down to Earth, you’ll get to enjoy truly magical sites and record amazing videos. Some planes even do their drop over The Palm, so you’ll definitely not get bored during your descent.

    Bungee Jumping in Australia

    If you want something as exciting as skydiving, but a bit less intimidating, you can try bungee. Australia has so many amazing bungee jump sites, but Cairns is definitely the most popular—it’s tropical nature and warm climate make you feel like you’re in the middle of a jungle! Plus, when you reach the top of the tower, the vistas will already make your jump worth it.

    Snorkeling in Australia


    If in Australia, you just have to check out its amazing underwater world—one of Aussie’s many blessings. Even though every town in Oz has superb beaches and chill vibe that just makes you want to Zen out, make sure to grab some snorkeling gear and see what hides under the surface. For the best experience, grab a practical full face snorkel mask that offers a more comfortable fit, better breathability and a bigger viewing area. You’ll feel like one of the fish in the water! Lord Howe Island, Busselton Jetty and Moreton Island are some of the best snorkeling sites in Australia, but wherever you dive, you’ll have a super fun time.

    Going on safari in Africa

    If land animals are more your thing, make sure to visit Kenya for an unforgettable safari trip. There are so many great options in this country, but probably the safest one (especially if this is your first safari trip) is Masai Mara National Reserve. Here you’re almost guaranteed to see everything from elephants and giraffes to speedy gazelles and zebras. And if you stay in a lodge, you’ll feel right at home in Africa!

    Rock climbing in Spain

    Spain is perfect for this adventurous activity in any season. Summers are reserved for places with higher rainfall and more pleasant temperatures (Pyrenees and Asturias are ideal). However, in the winter, you want to check out Costa Blanca, Catalonia or Madrid. All in all, The Boulder Albarracin near Valencia is a very popular destination for both experienced climber and beginners, so feel free to try your hands with this rock! You can bring your own gear if you’re experienced or catch a group and have a safer and more assisted climb.

    Rafting in Norway


    Sjoa River is a perfect place for rafting. The name of the river translates into “white water” which is exactly what you want for your rafting adventure! The river pulls people from all over the world because it’s just so stunning and wild, yet appropriate for all rafting levels. From experienced paddlers to first-timers and families, you will definitely find a route to fit your level somewhere between narrow canyons and glacial waterfalls. If you really want to see why Sjoa is so popular, take the middle part of the river through Heidal and experience 10 miles of pure excitement!

    From various water activities to sky diving and rock climbing, you must find something that will tickle your fancy. Whichever adventure you choose, you’re bound to have fun, meet amazing people and bring home unforgettable memories you’ll love to look back on.


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