Picking a Residential Mailbox: What to Consider

    When it comes to decisions choosing a new mailbox for your home may not be one of the biggest you ever make, but it is still an important one, and there’s more to it than you may think.

    That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide with tips and ideas so you can see at a glance what you need to consider, and make a great decision which you won’t regret.

    The style of mailbox you prefer

    The choices are generally:

    • a mailbox and post [with the mailbox either on the top or side], these are a good choice if you have a long driveway;
    • wall mounted, these are usually attached to the wall near your main entrance door and are more common in areas where homes are closer together with a small (or no) front yard;
    • column mounted, these are often made of brick and are very sturdy;
    • mail slots, less popular these days but they work for homes where the mail is delivered on foot;
    • multi-use mailboxes, good if you share your home or have an annex occupied by another person or family; mail vaults, which are ideal for people who get a lot of parcels delivered.

    The size of mailbox you need

    Think carefully about both the quantity and type of mail you receive regularly. If you get a lot, or subscribe to large sized magazines and similar it makes sense to choose a larger mailbox. This is also more convenient when you are away for a couple of days as it avoids mail overflowing.
    The material your mailbox will be made of

    In some cases this can be left to personal preference, but do bear in mind the climate you live in, as say choosing a wooden mailbox in a location with high humidity may not be the best idea, while plastic versions don’t do well in high heat, and both steel and aluminum models will probably need a special treatment to cope with lots of rain. Oh and while brass mailboxes can look very smart they require regular care and attention, which is something to consider before buying one.

    The color

    There’s plenty of choice out there to keep everyone happy, so whether you favor the more traditional gray, black, or white, or would like something glitzier, such as copper, silver, or a primary color it shouldn’t be difficult to find the perfect mailbox.

    In fact it’s extremely easy to either blend in or make a statement with the color of your mailbox and post.

    Other considerations

    Do you want a mailbox that locks? How about a model which has a separate section for newspapers? Do you care if the door opens to the front or the rear of the mailbox? Would you like to add your name or street name to the finished design, or even personalize it further with pictures or decals?

    It’s worth taking the time to make the right purchase and avoid having to replace your mailbox too soon because it just isn’t right for you. Poorly chosen residential mailboxes can stick out like a sore thumb so make sure you don’t rush it.


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