Calling It Quits: Peyton Manning Retires

    It’s kind of hard to act like we didn’t see this coming because no matter how many times Peyton Manning avoided the topic, we knew his retirement would soon be upon us. The day had finally come and all across the internet were the words most football fans were hoping not to hear this year, “Peyton Manning set to announce retirement Monday.”


    You don’t have to be a Colts or Broncos fan or even a Peyton Manning fan to respect his many accomplishments throughout his career. Statistics don’t lie; Manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

    Monday, March 07, 2016, the 5x league MVP made his farewell announcement and the world watched the game change forever.

    “There’s something about 18 years; 18’s a good number,” an emotional Peyton Manning told the media. See the video via. Denver 7 News:

    [iframe id=”″]

    Holding more than a few NFL records, and having his final win be the Superbowl 50 Championship, there really isn’t much more to say besides ‘what a way to end a legacy’.

    Congrats Peyton and best of luck in your next chapter!

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