Another Day, Another Kim K. Nudie

    Another day, another Kim Kardashian nudie. LOL.

    Why do we care? Because the caption is absolutely brilliant. Yes, I said Kim Kardashian is brilliant for a social media post.

    How so? Because the entire post spotlights a very hot topic in social media trends today: caption camouflaging. This is when you use a completely unrelated caption to distract from the actual reason you are posting the picture- (which is simply to get on overflow of attention, comments, etc).


    Thirst trap? Actually, no. Here’s why…

    Let’s face it, most of us would be lying to ourselves if we didn’t admit that if we had a body like that, we would do the same thing… and truth be told, I can’t say I have never thrown a meaningless caption under a picture in hopes to distract my followers from the fact that I wanted to post it for my own selfish reasons.

    I won’t deny that this picture is 100% #BodyGoals… But Kim, nothing to wear? You have the best wardrobe ever. Come on.

    Whatever. The point is, this has become the norm and we can’t be mad at this hot mom who lives under a media microscope for wanting to show off a little. Besides… she did censor her lady parts… and she is KIM KARDASHIAN. The rules of not being thirsty do not apply to her.

    Let’s just add this to our body motivation board (because after all, summer is right around the corner), and move on with our social media obsessed lives. 






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    • Professor.

      Endorsing herself nude must be more of a $/attention grabber than her clothing lines… newest line of clothes instead… If she had a dad he’s say “disappointed.. you lost a clothing deal…”

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