Must-Have Subscription Boxes for Gift Giving

    Remember that feeling as a kid getting a present all wrapped up and not knowing what was inside? Now you can replicate that feeling once a month with some of the trendiest and most unique subscription boxes to hit the market. From hand-made artisan products to gourmet goodies and even snacks for Fido – you almost don’t have to leave your home anymore.

    Check out our list of must-have subscription boxes for gift giving below:

    The Tie Fix:

    Tie your look together with The Tie Fix


    The Tie Fix is a monthly subscription box that’s sent directly to your door for only $14.99 a month. Each box contains two trendy ties accompanied by two accessories whether it be socks, cuff links, or a bracelet. The box is a designated kit to help tie your entire outfit together (no pun intended) and seriously step up your style game. Adding some finishing touches to your outfit can make all the difference and help complete any look.

    And let’s face it, guys aren’t the easiest to buy for. The Tie Fix is a huge game changer and time saver. This subscription box is the perfect gift for that special man in your life. Is your boyfriend’s birthday coming up? Or perhaps it’s almost Father’s Day and you can’t figure out what in the world to get him. For a steal of a price, the businessman or style savvy will always be ready and constantly building his wardrobe.

    Founder, Parth Sharma, owner of Skinny Tie Madness launched The Tie Fix due to his constant frustration with the lack of character and versatility that stores don’t offer in neck ties. He wanted something different with some serious, unique style. With bright colors and edgy prints, you’ll always find a tie that completes any look. Extra bonus: No waiting in line!

    Dollar Shave Club –


    Pick from one of three monthly “blade” options (ranging from $1 – $9 per month) and never shave with a dull razor ever again. Your face will thank you. Their motto… ”No commitment. No fees. No BS”.

    Geek Fuel –

    Get your ‘nerd’ fix each month with a box full of comics, computer games, books and mystery “geek treats”. Subscription rates are as low as $14 per month (with yearly commitment).

    Taste Trunk –


    Gourmet goodies, BBQ treats and sweets – this box offers 5-10 all natural products in each “trunk”, for $36 per month. Who doesn’t covet Butcher Salt and Beer Kissed Caramel sauce…

    Bark Box  –


    Man’s best friend can be a pampered pooch each month for as low as $19 per month. Select your pup’s size, choose a plan and each month “paw picked” toys, treats, gadgets and more arrive at your home. Your dog will never bark at the mailman EVER again.

    Plated –


    Impress the most critical of palettes with a box full of chef-designed meals delivered to your door. You customize what you like to eat, they deliver, you cook (its fool-proof). For $12 per plate, you can start screaming ‘BAM’ in your kitchen and mean it.

    GlobeIn –


    You’ve got the whole world in your hands with monthly, themed collection, artisan-made products from around the world. Enjoy distinct items from around the world that support remote artisans and farmers, delivered to you each month for just $35 (no passport needed).

    The Cravory –


    It is like Betty Crocker herself making a house-call – but better. It is the ultimate cookie experience. Drool-worthy creations range from Rosemary Balsamic and Pancakes and Bacon, to classic Chocolate Chip, for $36 per month (Milk NOT included).

    Foot Cardigan –


    I would walk 500 miles in socks like these! For just $9 a month, a new pair of delightfully unique socks shows up at your door. It is like your shoes winning the sock lottery. Whimsical colors and patterns for him, her and the “whippersnappers”.


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