One To Watch: Designer Lila Nikole Rivera


    Name: Lila Nikole Rivera ~ Age: 36 ~ Company Name:Lila Nikole Collection ~ Type of Business: Swimwear & Resort Wear

    The Lila Nikole Collection is quickly becoming one of the fastest rising brands in the swimwear industry. After making the transition from  maya Swimwear in 2009, the newly vamped swimwear brand has only moved in one direction forward. With each passing year, the momentum continues to build as a direct result of the effort, creativity and accelerated fashion savvy instincts of the designer, Lila Nikole Rivera. The Lila Nikole Collection was a vision,  assembled from the ground up into a prosperous business based on the drive and initiative of the designer. Lila Nikole’s journey of success is widely accredited as the creation of a powerful swimwear brand that has not gone unnoticed. Her ability to strategize and formulate her company to where it is, made her a subject of interest in a collegiate psychology class, becoming one of the subject features in the latest edition of the Feldman University Psychology Course Text Book. Lila Nikole’s ability doesn’t just come to a hault as a designer. She manages to provide a product that blends the mainstream industry fashion trends of a corporate powerhouse and the quality and care of a family owned business. She incorporates her Latin heritage, South Florida roots and love for music into the design concepts and themes. The Lila Nikole Collection has been labeled as the “celebrity’s favorite swimwear designer.” Every suit is made with the consumer in mind and that same compassion has made the Lila Nikole Collection not just successful in business, but in the nature of giving back as well. Being involved with such charities and foundations as Project Save Imagination, Make A Wish, Boys & Girls Club of Miami, Food Bank For Hunger NYC, Chapman Partnership for Women and Children, Share Our Strength, and even Miami Dolphins Cystic Fibrosis,

    Lila Nikole understands that success is not just about what one can achieve for themselves, but also how well they serve others.


    I received a call from a TV executive asking me to be a part of a major televised fashion show. At the time, I thought it was a friend joking, so I was quite rude and laughed at the offer. Well, it was a real offer, from a major network, and my first thoughts were “…does this mean we have made it !?!?!?

    2 CENTS :
    Never accept the answer no. If you really believe in a positive outcome, find another way to get a yes. Keep pushing till you get exactly what you want, the way you want it!


    Facebook: /lilanikole
    Instagram: @mslilanikole
    Twitter: @mslilanikole


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