The New Plastic Surgery Revolution

    DrSteinbrechLargeAs social media continues to advocate self-promotion, the concept of wanting to perfect our aesthetics grows exponentially. Once exclusive to the rich and famous, plastic surgery, nips and tucks have become much more mainstream in the past decade – as have the invasive and noninvasive procedures available to the public. At the forefront of taking advantage of these technological advances in the medical field are the men and women that occupy the ‘Gen Y’ group.

    The New Plastic Surgery Revolution with Dr. Steinbrech

    From breast lifts and mommy makeovers to chin fat removals and pec augmentation, this group of people who occupy over 25% of the American population, are approaching plastic surgery with a whole new mind set. We sat down for an exclusive interview with leading New York City based Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Douglas Steinbrech from Male Plastic Surgery New York to answer some of our most pressing queries about the newest treatments available and how Gen Y is creating a new definition to looking and feeling their best.

    NEW THEORY MAGAZINE: What are some of the more innovative technologies currently breaking boundaries in the market right now or the trending cosmetic treatments that people are going wild about? – Both invasive and non-invasive?
    DR. DOUGLAS STEINBRECH: One of the most recent products moving rapidly through the aesthetic world is the FDA approval of Kybella, which is a non-surgical injectable for reducing moderate to severe fat on the upper neck, otherwise known as a “double chin.” Kybella is an alternative to liposuction or other surgery to remove the double chin fat. Basically Kybella destroys fat cells. When used appropriately, patients can see noticeable improvements within about 4-6 weeks following the first injection. We have seen interest from both men and women since its approval in June, 2015 and we expect that to continue as more and more people learn about the shutterstock_82829419enhancements that Kybella can have on the chin and neck area. The “Gummy Bear” implant has had a significant impact on the landscape of breast augmentation procedures over the last year. This implant is a new generation of cohesive silicone implants. What makes it new is the consistency of the silicone. Gummy Bear implants are what we call “form stable”, which means the silicone does not move around or “flow” inside the implant. Unlike traditional silicone implants which are round, the Gummy Bear is anatomically shaped and many women report that it looks and feels more like a natural breast. I expect to see more and more women choose this implant in the future. For men, the latest developments are all around enhancing the muscular size. I see men every single day looking to improve the look of their physique who are exploring implants as an option. Some of the most common areas that I treat regularly are the pecs, triceps, bicep and calves. And, I continue to see more and more men looking for a muscular “glute”. As reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgery, and as I have experienced in my own practice, men’s plastic surgery has gone viral. I expect that to grow even more into the future.

    IM: In terms of the millennial age group – have you seen a surge of people coming in for consultations and procedures? Can you give a percentage of breakdowns between Gen X, Gen Y (Millennial) and Baby Boomers?
    DS: I feel like my practice is a good mix of generations, but I have definitely seen more Gen X and Gen Y patients on average in recent years. Collectively, Gen X (the 30 something’s) and Gen Y (50 something’s) make up around 80% of my practice, with Baby Boomers only at about 20%. What I have seen is a steady increase in men seeking both surgical and non-surgical options to help them improve their looks and regain their youth as they pass through different stages of their lifecycle. Women have long sought the help of their trusted plastic surgeons to help them age gracefully and now men are doing the same.

    IM: Do you find more Millennials coming in for more non-invasive or invasive procedures?
    DS: Definitely invasive, or as patients understand it – surgical. Women, especially
    millennials, are looking for breast augmentation and liposculpting to help get their pre-pregnancy bodies back into shape or as we call them “Mommy Make-Overs.”While these procedures can vary from patient to patient, most women are living in the age of Soul Cycle and Barry’s Boot Camp but are still looking for a tummy tuck or liposuction paired with a breast procedure; usually a lift or an augmentation. While women are exploring the “Mommy Make-Over” options, men are asking for what I now call “Daddy Do-Overs”- for many of the same reasons. They came off the healthy living/regular exercise grid for a bit to be available to their growing families and now that the kids are older, they want to recover their pre-family body and need that extra bit of professional expertise and assistance. For men, I see more interest in enhancing the muscular size of their pecs, delts, triceps and biceps with implants,coupled with lipo-sculpting of the abdomen and love handles.

    IM: Gen Y have been called fearless and go-getters – do you find this type of personality trait to carry over to procedures?
    DS: Yes, I really do. Gen Y’s come in and usually know exactly what they want and they are completely focused on getting there. They understand this is an elective procedure and they are not shy about diving in and going after the results they desire.

    IM: What are the most common concerns for your Gen Y – M/F patients?
    DS: The most common thing I hear from my Gen Y male and female patients is that they want to look gym-fit. There has never been a stronger emphasis on healthy living/eating then there is in our current social media driven climate.

    IM: Do you find this generation to be more informed and if yes, are they more informed, but armed with incorrect information?
    DS: Absolutely, they are more informed, primarily because information is so accessible to them. Almost everyone has a cellular device that gives them unlimited access to as much information as they crave. For example, anyone can visit the websites for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Board of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, or the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. In fact, a lot of patients locate qualified surgeons in their area using the tools on these sites. One of the most important things that a patient can do is find a surgeon that is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. The downside of having this information so readily available is that sometimes
    information that is not completely accurate goes viral across the waves of the internet and digital media, causing patients to maybe not have their data exactly right. During the consultation process we cover everything thoroughly to ensure customization and that the patient has the correct information to make an informed decision.

    IM: In the age of the “self-absorbed” is there a general concern amongst doctors, such as yourself, that people are seeking perfection in an unhealthy manner?
    DS: The bottom line in my practice is that I want all of my patients to be the healthiest, best versions of themselves. If we fear a patient might be heading in an unhealthy direction, we sit and discuss this with the patient. We only offer them healthy choices. Choices that will still give them a great transformation, but selections that are healthy and fit comfortably within their lifestyle.

    Dr. Steinbrech is a fully-trained Plastic Surgeon, Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons under the American Board of Medical Specialties. Dr. Steinbrech specializes in Minimally Invasive Aesthetics. He incorporates this philosophy into all of his surgical and non-surgical techniques.

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