New Trends in Male Plastic Surgery

    Pecs, Butts and Guts are the newest trend in Male Plastic Surgery

    It all started with a walking across the beach with big booty implants and the internet went crazy!  Here is the video that started it all:

    Video Courtesy of YouTube.

    Men’s Plastic Surgery is on the rise as this is not a new trend.  We recently shared the top 5 most common Plastic Surgery procedures for men, to view the article, click here: Male Plastic Surgery.

    New Theory caught up with Dr. Douglas S Steinbrech who is  considered a leading authority on Male Plastic Surgery with offices in NYC and LA.  We first asked what man walking in the video may have gotten done.  “Glutes, Pecs and maybe even shoulder implants” according to Dr. Steinbrech who has not treated this guy.  So we dug a little deeper on who actually seeks plastic surgery as men.  According to Dr. Steinbrech “roughly 70% of my male patients are straight”.  Which may go against the belief that gay men are leading the increase in men going under the knife.

    So when we asked Dr. Steinbrech what are the most requested areas for men, he answered with” Pecs, Guts and Butts”.

    So let’s start with Pecs:

    Pectoral Implants Before & After

    Photo Source:

    Here you can see a compilation of different types of Male Pec Implants:

    Video Source: YouTube / Dr. Steinbrech

    Then we have “Guts” which include abs as well as liposuction:

    Body Banking Gladiator ABS

    Photo Source:

    This is a procedure that Dr. Steinbrech coins “gladiator abs” as men will seek to get liposuction along with getting sculpted abs.

    Here is a video compilation of Ab procedures performed by Dr. Steinbrech:

    Video Source: YouTube / Dr. Steinbrech

    Last, but certainly not least is “butts:

    Male Gluteal Augmentation is one of the fastest growing areas for Male Plastic Surgery.

    Glutlal Augmentation

    Photo Source:

    It’s not only the ladies that are seeking butt augmentation, it’s now the men’s turn.   Men can get  bigger ASSets though implants, fat transfer or by injection with products such as Scupltra.  It’s critical to seek an expert in the field such as Dr. Steinbrech as this is a highly specialized area of Plastic Surgery.

    The Rise of Mr. Kardashian?

    Aside for the video of the men walking the beach, this photo went viral online as well as Instagram as this gentleman was dubbed “Mr. Kardashian”.  Dr. Steinbrech who started out on Park Ave., NYC focused his practice on men about 5 years ago as he saw the trend coming from a mile away.  He was the first Plastic Surgeon to offer a male only plastic surgery site:  Due to high demand from west coast clients, he then opened a LA / Beverly Hills office focusing on men and then launched his second website:  Now 80% of his practice is dedicated to men as is now considered a leading expert in the space.  We asked him what would the hypothetical Mr. Kardashian get, he responded with “A Quarterback 4 Pack, possibly Muscle gel implants to the Glutes Pecs, shoulders and biceps.  “Because it’s all about balance and proportion” adds Steinbrech.  We ate New Theory wish the real Kardashians follow that mantra.

    If you’re interested in learning more about Dr. Steinbrech procedures for men:

    NYC Site:

    LA Site:

    Image Credit: Google Images


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