Poetry By Lost As Alice – Part 2

    We received additional poetry from one of our new contributors, Lost As Alice.

    ~Devil In Disguise~ 

    Her smile is the gun her 

    words are the bullets she

    shot down the sweetest souls 

    and created a war it’s as if 

    she was a story that has two 

    sides one chapter she is kind 

    the other chapter she is 

    absolutely wicked she walks 

    among us all with what she 

    has done trapped in the deepest 

    parts of her mind she feels no 

    remorse for her sins she is 

    the devil in disguise and I am 

    a victim to her crimes….

       ~Lost as Alice~

    She’s as mad as a Hatter. She is as lost as Alice. She’s always late like the White Rabbit. But she always finds time to smile like Cheshire Cat. Do not underestimate her she is as intelligent as Absolem. You will always remember her as the girl who is as beautiful as Wonderland


    Every warrior fights 

    until his last breath. 

    ~Devil Inside~

    Never judge a book by 

    its cover you can find 

    the devil underneath 


    -Nicole Marie-

    Check out Lost As Alice on Instagram: www.Instagram.com/lostasalicepoetry


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