New Theory Reviews: BDR’s Protect! Skin Defense Mist

    Because a little protection goes a long way.

    One day, not too long ago, I turned 31. 31 is not your typical milestone birthday, but it was a major one for me. Unlike most other major milestones that people experience in life, this one was a bit unexpected and more than a little unsettling.

    For the very first time in my life, I started to feel my age. It was subtle, but it was definitely there—a little creak in my joints, a little difficulty waking up after a night of hard partying, and just a little extra dullness in my skin. I no longer felt as youthful as I did when I was in my 20s, and it made me take pause.

    That dullness was what made me realize I needed to take better care of my skin. It was the first time in my life that I really sat down and thought about my skincare routine. It was also the first time that I spent time thinking about all the little things that make skin look dull, drab, and aged.

    Every single day, your skin ends up being exposed to the elements while being tasked with the burden of keeping your looks as pristine as possible. Our skin keeps pollutants at bay, helps us regulate extreme temperature, and also protects our insides from the ravages of sunlight.

    As we age, our skin starts to show wear and tear from all the damage that it protects our insides from. Studies show that extra exposure to the elements and pollution cause skin to age faster. I already wore my fair share of sunscreen and had a cleanser I used, but I felt like I needed more to my routine.

    BDR: An Intro to the Brand

    BDR Protect

    As an extremely avid makeup and skincare fan, I tend to stay abreast of the latest and greatest trends in both. Recently, I caught wind about a new skincare line that somehow managed to sell out after a single day in the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

    That brand is BDR (Best Derma Rejuvenation), a Germany-based skincare brand that’s still just starting to get attention from trendsetters and influencers across the world. Their Protect! Skin Defense Mist is what really caught my eye, so when I was able to get a bottle of the stuff, I jumped at the opportunity to try it out.

    After all, thousands of beauty convention goers can’t be wrong, can they?


    What Does BDR’s Protect! Skin Defense Mist Do, Anyway?

    The name tells it all, really, Protect! Skin Defense Mist is a spray-on skincare product that’s designed to help you protect your skin from pollution and other harmful elements. The mist itself contains several compounds that are known to help reverse the damage caused by pollutants, sun, and just the regular factors that you encounter in daily life.

    The spray credits its epic success to the inclusion of a compound called Ectoin, which is a high performance stress protection molecule. The way Ectoin works is simple: it helps your skin repair itself after being exposed to pollutants and sunlight, all while reducing wrinkles.

    BDR’s spray doesn’t rely on Ectoin alone. Adding to this extremolyte’s abilities are other scientifically-backed ingredients like vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid. To help keep your skin covered, the spray also uses moringa oil to create a moisturizing barrier that keeps your skin feeling fresher.

    Bloggers who have been chatting about it have used it as both a primer for their makeup, a regular spritz freshener for more makeup-free days, and as a topper for BB cream. Overall, it just seemed like a good investment. I was sold on it, and decided to give it a shot.


    My First Impression

    Ossiana tries BDR!

    When it came in the mail, I found myself floored by the slick packaging it came in. I quickly unwrapped it, opened the bottle, and sprayed a little sample on my hand. I really just wanted to get a feeling of what I was dealing with.

    Now, I will admit that I was expecting the Protect! Skin Defense Mist to smell slightly perfumed due to the moringa oil. This wasn’t the case at all. The spray itself had no scent, and that’s saying something considering my epic sense of smell.

    Texture-wise, the spray was incredibly light and totally non-greasy. It literally felt like spritzing some fresh water on your face. After a successful smell and texture test, I started to wear it over my BB cream on a daily basis.

    The Results Are In

    BDR’s Protect! Skin Defense Mist may be considered more of a preventative skincare item, but that might be understating its benefits. Within three days of using this on top of my day-to-day makeup, I started to notice a subtle change.

    My skin looked dewy, in a way that it hasn’t looked in ages. It felt softer, too. My makeup didn’t feel as grody as it usually does by the end of the day. Cleaning up my makeup seemed to be a bit easier, even though it still stayed put throughout my typical days.

    I was, and still am, impressed.

    BDR’s Skin Defense Mist didn’t waste any time when it came to making my skin look and feel better. The fact that it could permeate through my BB cream and makeup was amazing, and its “light as air” feel was something I’ve never experienced from any other product before.

    Courtesy of BDR

    This Is My Verdict

    Defending your skin from the elements is crucial, especially when you hit your 30s. Finding lightweight coverage that works is damned near impossible, and that’s why I’ve become a huge fan of BDR’s Protect!

    In a sea of products that offer protection that feels like an oily wreck, BDR provided a breath of fresh air that actually let my skin breathe. It works wonders, and if you’re looking for a change in your routine, you absolutely should try to get your hands on it.


    • Ossiana has been an avid food fan since she was little; because of her ethnic background, her parents often exposed her to more exotic foods than normal. Luckily for her, she was raised "down the shore," where restaurants full of delicious ethnic cuisine are as plentiful as seashells on the local beaches! Although her "regular" scholastic background focuses on the sciences and computing, all her extra time is usually spent finding the perfect meal at or near the Jersey Shore.

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