New Theory Product Roundup: Gifts for Puppy Lovers

    Dogs are man’s best friend for more reasons than words can describe. They’re the buddies that never judge you and love you unconditionally. They’re the cuddly little floofs that make you smile with the simple wag of a tail. Some dogs act as family protectors, while others help people live with serious medical conditions. Humanity’s tie to canines is so strong, it’s even been bred into dogs’ genetic material.

    With all the love puppers show us, it’s only natural for dog lovers to want to celebrate the special pooches in their lives. These five gifts will warm any dog owner’s heart.

    Dogs (Because People Suck) Mouse Pad by Atomic Lovers

    If you want something that’s short, sweet, and to the point, you might want to gift them something that says it straight. This cute mouse pad will keep your mouse working well while also giving people a nice little chuckle. What’s not to love?

    You can grab this slick mousepad on Amazon.

    Bow Wow Bath Bombs by Bow Wow Bath Shop

    Do you have a dog owner who takes particular pride in their fur baby? If so, you might want to check this out. These puppy-themed bath bombs aren’t your typical cosmetics. Rather than being made for people, Bow Wow Bath Bombs are made with your dog’s bath time in mind. These bath bombs are 100 perent canine-safe, smell great, and will also keep your dog’s fur looking shinier than ever.

    You can snag them at Bow Wow Bath Shop.

    Mosaic Stepping Stone Kit by Oriental Trading Company

    Another great way to celebrate your family’s best friend is to create some artwork that will last for years and flaunts the unique pawprint that they left on your heart. This craft kit is made to be as easy as possible to work with, making it an amazing craft kit for parents who want to encourage their kids to get creative.

    Better still, this kit comes with very little cleanup and an incredibly easy to follow instruction booklet. You’ll love it.

    You can get this stepping stone kit at the Oriental Trading Company.

    Friends Frenchies Tee Shirt by Barking Bullies

    French bulldogs are some of the sweetest, most adorable, and most popular pets around. Their cute faces and petite stature warm everyone’s hearts. They’re the ultimate furry friend! The only friends that might actually compete with the love Frenchies get are the cast from Friends themselves. 

    Taking a cue from their insane popularity, the designers over at Barking Bullies created a parody tee that combines the hit 90s sitcom Friends with a plethora of French bulldogs that look (kinda) like the cast.

    Check out Barking Bullies, where you can find plenty of wonderful French bulldog gifts.

    Dog Memorial Bracelet by IHeartDogs

    If your friend recently lost their best friend, it’s only natural to want to give them something that they can remember their little buddy by. This elegant leather memorial bracelet isn’t just a pretty trinket; it helps spread the puppy love by feeding 22 dogs at shelters across the nation when you purchase it.

    By giving your pal this gift, you’re not only helping them through the grieving process. You’re helping other puppies live happier, healthier lives while they wait to be adopted. That’s a wonderful gift that keeps on giving.

    You can get this bracelet at

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