New Theory Gift Guide for 2020

    This has been a tough year for all as we share our top recommendations for gifts in 2020!

    For the lactose intolerant (Like Me): Better Than Milk 

    Better Than Milk® Organic Beverage makes its national debut just in time for Holiday and New Year.  Better Than Milk, a trusted, plant-based milk alternative brand is made with only simple, high quality clean ingredients and is environmentally consciously packaged.

    Made from spring water sourced 450 meters above sea level in the Lessini Mountains of Northern Italy, Better Than Milk offers a delicious and creamy tasting organic dairy-free milk alternative.  All five flavors which include Unsweetened Almond Drink, Almond Drink, Unsweetened Oat Drink, Unsweetened Rice + Calcium Drink, and Rice Hazelnut Drink are all USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Vegan, Plant-based, and Kosher Parve.  The entire line is free from Gluten, Dairy, Lactose, Soy, Sulfites, Carrageenan and Artificial Flavors.  They are also environmentally friendly, packaged in recyclable cartons that are aseptic and responsibly sourced with plastic bio caps made of renewable sugarcane rather than petroleum.

    Better than Milk Organic drinks are great for anyone who chooses non-dairy milk whether for health, planetary or lifestyle reasons! Shelf stable, and with no carrageenan or soy, Better Than Milk is great for spontaneous bakers, committed hikers, early risers and late night ‘cookies and milk’ guzzlers.

    Order here at:

    For those who like to accessorize: Rock Salt Apparel

    With matching watch band and iPhone case it will impress even your most discerning of friends.  Check out their Etsy shop:

    For the new Mom and Dad: Eco Pea

    For too long we’ve relied on big corporations to sell us on diaper choices. While most children have no trouble using them, what happens when your child’s skin reacts negatively to big name brands?

    Eco Pea Co. isn’t a corporate-established brand. It’s the diaper company started by two parents who wanted safer diaper care for their children, and eco-friendly options to preserve the planet for the next generation.

    The founders’ third child reacted so negatively to several main retail brands that they decided to act. Today, they’re sharing these safe and sustainable diapers and wipes with the world.

    For the Wine Lover: Pure Wine

    What mom or dad isn’t absolutely dreaming of that end of day glass of wine? Imagine no more headaches or other side effects that come after enjoying that beloved glass. Thanks to PureWine, you no longer have to suffer as it offers two unique filtration systems that eliminate the histamines and sulfites that cause wine allergies without altering the flavor of your delicious reds and whites. We’ll cheers to that!  Check them out here:

    For the dorm dweller

    Sending the kiddos off to college? PeachSkinSheets are the best sheets ever because they are made of a high-performance 21st-Century SMART fabric that helps warm sleepers stay cool and cool sleepers stay cozy. They also help with night sweats by keeping skin drier and wicking away moisture, instead of absorbing it like cotton will. The breathable advanced poly fibers act like workout clothes to keep the moisture off of your skin so you stay comfortable all night long. If you are looking for the best quality sheets to buy, look no further than PeachSkinSheets. mattresses. Best of all, they have a non-sateen, anti-slip finish for softness without slipping or sliding off your bed. All PeachSkinSheets are hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, which keeps pollen and dust from attaching to the fabric. Talk about a dorm room MUST!  Check out:

    Shipping is going to be crazy this year so order asap as your loved one will appreciate the thoughtful gifts.

    For the at the at home spa: UltradermMD

    The new UltradermMD lets you be your own esthetician and enjoy brighter skin in the comfort of your own home. Easily rejuvenate your skin for the holiday season and New Year with this slick 3-in-1 device.Use UltradermMD for popular spa treatments such as microdermabrasion, pore extraction, and kinetic toning. This means fewer trips to your facialist and instant smoother complexion. It’s the pampering we all need during our quarantine time.Regardless of how much we love this time of year, let’s face it, our skin typically needs TLC now more than ever. Pamper it with a five-minute treatment that exfoliates, extracts, polishes, brightens, tones, and revitalizes your skin. There’s even a gentle mode for sensitive skin. Simply amazing!This device makes a great self-care gift for the holidays and will kick off your New Year New You in style! I hope you’ll be able to share this new device with your audience.

    For the adventurous family: The Adventure Challenge

    The Adventure Challenge is a mystery scratch-off book with 50 creative adventures…The catch? You don’t know what you’re doing until you scratch it off! Each adventure is designed to explore outside your habits, dive deeper into your relationship, and make meaningful memories. Once it’s scratched off, you HAVE to do it. It’s time to discover something new about yourself! Check it out here: The Adventure Challenge 

    For the holiday jewelry lover: Ita Bonita

    Festive earrings for the holiday love can be found here 


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