Modern Day Italian Keeps Italian-American Traditional Alive

    Lorenzo launches his new series ” The Modern Day Italian” in Bronx’s Little Italy.

    Lorenzo Abbatiello who was featured on the New Theory Podcast visits Little Italy in the Bronx.  He is quickly becoming the steward of Italian-American culture here in the US.  In the first part of his new series, Lorenzo explores Italian-American culture in the Bronx.  His first stop (of course) is Zia Michelina’s house as Mikey and Zia were also featured on the podcast (we swear we interview non-Italians:).  After a nice dinner, they hit a well known pork store on Arthur Avenue.  Although when you think of Little Italy in New York, your first mental reflex is to think of Mulberry Street in Manhattan, but the truth is it’s Bronx sibling is much more vibrant and authentic when it comes to Italian-American culture.

    This is the first part of a series for Lorenzo as he is launching on YouTube with hopes of getting picked up by a large network (anyone from Netflix reading this?).  We’re excited to see the first part of a sure to be successful series about Italian-American culture here in the United States.

    Check out the video here:

    What do you think of Lorenzo’s series?  Drop us line and share your thoughts.  


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