Major Key Alert: Do’s and Don’ts of Dating Apps

    I’m not a betting woman; but if I was, I would bet that during every commercial break on whichever network I’m watching, there would be a commercial for a dating service. Settling down is no longer only being shoved down your throat by Aunt Bessie and Grandma, but by everyone and everything you come in contact with.

    So you give in.

    With a few swipes, you download whichever app has the best ratings ( and is the cheapest) and the swipe-a-thon begins.

    But before you get swept away trying to find Mr. or Mrs. Right, here’s a few ground rules to stick to when building your profile:

    1. DON’T fill out your salary!

    You haven’t even met yet and the person gets to know what your annual income is? You can fill out what your career is focused around or which company you work for, but leave work specifics out. You don’t want some fool to wine and dine you in hopes that one day they’ll inherit your net worth. Oh, and yes- you can search your, “matches”, by income. I Ain’t saying’ she a gold digger but….

    2. Don’t fill out your highest education.

    You’re a proud alumnus of Alabama State University, ROLL TIDE! So, why wouldn’t you want that on your dating profile?

    If you want to proudly wear your school colors, go for it. What I meant by don’t post your highest education is, if you feel bad about only having and associates or a GED, don’t put it up. It doesn’t mean you’re stupid and people shouldn’t judge you based on what your Alma Mater is. Some of the most intelligent people, and people with the best jobs don’t have a college degree. Spare yourself the judgement and let people get to know who you really are.

    3. DON’T let a stranger into your house.

    Yeah, Tinder people, I’m talking to you. Although I wouldn’t classify Tinder necessarily as a, “dating app”, cough cough, this is a rule that should not be broken. You’re putting yourself in emanate danger just to “get some,”? Just remember, letting  Joe Shmo or Jane Doe in could make this the last time you ever swipe.

    4. DO post accurate pictures of yourself.

    Yeah, you looked damn good at 21. Six years later, you put on a few, grew a beard, changed your hair color, whatever it may be. The up -to- date pictures are the ones you’re suppose to post. You think showing up to a date with the idea of someone in your head and seeing someone who looks totally different isn’t a turn off? And why would you want to start off with a lie? Be yourself, embrace who you are. This way you can weed through the trash of who is shallow and focus on who sees your gorgeous self!

    5. DO have a few conversations before giving out your number.

    This one is hard because dating apps are annoying and it’s so much easier to text. It’s also so much easier for a conversation to go south  and now you have a stalker who won’t stop blowing up your phone. Aside from that, you don’t know how many other numbers this person may have gotten from so-called potential suitors. Don’t be so quick to feel special. Protect yourself. It’s easy to delete an app, it’s a severe inconvenience to change your number.

    6. DO tell someone when/where you’re meeting the person in person.

    It’s not immature, and this doesn’t just go for girls. Always tell a parent, a close friend, even a coworker you trust, when you’re finally meeting up with this stranger in person. Where, what time, leave no detail of the meeting out. God forbid something unexpected happens, they can find you or at least know where you last were. Use your head and keep your safety number one.

    7. DO let your BFF write your bio.

    Your best friends are the people who see you for who you truly are. They know the good, the bad and the ugly. If you’re not into boasting about yourself, or if you need to turn it down a few notches, let your best friend write your bio. They will focus on what you really want and who you really are instead of you trying to make yourself sound good.

    So go on! Find your lover! Just do it with your safety and goals in mind.

    …And get off Tinder… seriously.


    • Tom La Vecchia

      Founder of New Theory & X Factor Media

      Founder and Publisher of New Theory Magazine and Podcast. Serial Entrepreneur who loves wine, cigars and anything that allows to people to connect and share experiences.

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