Loungewear vs. Sleepwear: What’s The Difference?

    For those who are still going to the office every day, there’s something wonderful about getting home and putting on something a bit more casual. However, if there are hours until bedtime, you may not be ready for pajamas. This is where quality loungewear can make you feel relaxed but still dressed enough to run an errand or answer the door.

    What Defines Loungewear?

    Generally, a womens loungewear set features dark, stretchy bottoms with an elastic waist paired with a comfy top long enough to cover you to the hips. These garments tend to be solid colors, easy to wash, and very comfortable for staying home or running errands. Bras are optional, though a bralette is a good idea if you’re going to be out and about.

    Loungewear is easy to mix and match and can include a long tee, a flowing gown or a hooded jacket for chilly days. All of it will work with your slippers or with sneakers.

    What Defines Sleepwear?

    Sleepwear or pajamas tend to be brighter fabrics and often offer whimsical patterns. They can be made of fabrics from tricot to cotton flannel to silk. Menswear styling is common, with drawstring trouser bottoms and notched collar tops. Many women enjoy a flowing nightgown with lots of room to move. These are pieces that are great for home but not necessarily appropriate for grocery shopping or getting coffee.

    Buying Quality Loungewear

    Because loungewear can be your after work uniform, you want to invest in quality pieces that will stand the test of time. Consider checking out the loungewear available from Dressbarn, where you can shop in comfort from home every day. Their entire collection is available only online.

    Pieces You Need

    Start with bottoms. Get some drawstring knit pants in blue or black to serve as a base and build your lounging outfit form there. Top it with a long, comfy tee in your favorite color and cover the whole outfit with a duster hoodie to keep you warm when the temperatures drop.

    This is an outfit you could wear out to lunch with a friend or to the hardware store to look at paint samples. All of it is easily washable and can be hung up a little damp to dry wrinkle free.

    Easy to Expand

    With black or navy blue bottoms, either drawstring pants or leggings, you can easily bump up your loungewear wardrobe with new tops in all your favorite colors. From soft cottons to simple fabric mixes, your loungewear wardrobe will grow quickly. If you’re not crazy about blue, grey and black, never fear! There are plenty of Dressbarn loungewear pieces that feature either tie dye or pink/burgundy color blocks for some brighter tones close to your face.

    A loungewear wardrobe is easy to start and fun to grow. You’ll find these pieces in a wide variety of sizes and styles. If you need a long tee to wear over athletic capris as the days get warmer, you can easily move from loungewear into athletic gear and stay comfy no matter the season.


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