Life Goals; Lessons Every Man Should Know

    As Hellen Keller was famously quoted saying: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.“ However, life is not solely about having fun, especially for men. Members of “the stronger sex” should learn through life experience and after they reach the end of their 20s/30s should have learned several life lessons. Some of these are practical in nature, while others are more spiritual.

    Learning to cook like a chef

    Although the popular belief has it in many cultures that cooking is a woman’s job, there is no real reason for men to stay out of the kitchen. In fact, it is a thing of pride for the modern man that he can cook more than one meal.

    Whether cooking for yourself or for the family, you need to be able to distinguish between different spices, know how to bread chicken, set the right temperature of the oven, etc. These are all essential skills if you want to call yourself a true man.

    Changing a flat car tire

    There is hardly anything more manly than owning a driving a fast sports car. However, if you cannot maintain such a beauty, then you shouldn’t buy it in the first place. Car maintenance 1-on-1 teaches us that you should at least know how to check oil pressure and change a flat tire.

    Changing a flat is easier than you might think. All you need to do is jack the car a couple of inches into the air so it is safe to remove the tire, then take the spare from the trunk, and screw it into place. After the car is back on the ground, bolt the tire down and you are ready to go.

    Start enjoying workouts

    If you’re not a professional athlete but lead an active lifestyle, then you probably find it hard to work out. Whether it’s a morning session in the gym or an afternoon run in the park, you are feeling reluctant before it, aren’t you?

    This feeling is perfectly normal, as it is a sign of growing up. Once you reach a certain age, your masculinity and innate motivation will take over. Soon enough, you’ll actually start enjoying workouts and you will look forward to shooting hoops with your friends or going kayaking for the weekend.

    Learn to repair stuff around the house

    As the household you live in ages, the more stuff starts to break on the inside and on the outside. Repairing slate roofing is often too complicated so calling pro roofers is the next logical step but luckily, there are other things you can fix on your own.

    Children’s toys, small household appliances, caulking, pipe installation, painting the house, etc. are among the repairs and improvement you are more than capable of executing yourself. Not only will these fixes save you money but they will make you feel more like a man; like you have achieved something.

    Understanding finances

    From the first pocket money we get as kids, all the way to earning our first salary, we are taught to spend responsibly. Reaching manhood means that we should have mastered this skill to the point when we completely understand how the financial system works.

    Whether you’re a dentist or a delivery worker, you need to know the basic terminology of economics. Understanding terms like “loan,” “installment,” “S&P/ASX 100,” stocks,” etc. will help make money, instead of losing it. Being financially savvy is a great perk of growing up.

    Crosswords, not fists

    Just like you have learned to curb your spending, you should learn to control your emotions. Violence is seldom the answer but so many people are willing to pick a fight that you must actively restrain yourself from smacking some in the face. Learn to use words to win arguments; not throw punches. This is what a true gentleman always does.

    Tying a tie

    There isn’t a man who hasn’t struggled at least once to tie a tie. You should not run away from this problem because learning ho to tie a knot on a necktie is rather easy if you practice long enough. There is no real reason to trouble your girlfriend or wife with tying your tie every time you two attend a formal event.

    Learning to play at least one instrument

    Some people are talented for music but some folks cannot get a single note right. No matter which of these groups you belong to, you should make the effort to learn to play at least one musical instrument during youth.

    The acoustic guitar is perhaps the most popular instrument among the ladies and it is not that hard to learn to play. However, if this is too complicated for you, getting a harmonica (mouth organ) is always an option, as you can play it intuitively; no lessons needed.

    These were just of the life lessons and accompanying goals you ought to have learned about by the time you reach 40. From learning to cook, to playing the guitar, these are all factors making a real man.


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