Letter to My Heartbreak

    Not sure why I’ve decided to write about you, it’s been months since we last talked. Close to a year I believe. I think about you every day. I hope you’re well, and yes you are missed. I’m not sure how I feel about that. You’ve been a huge part of my life, both a pleasure and a pain. You were such a good friend to me throughout the many years of knowing you. I’ve known you for most of my life. I still consider you a friend but I’m not sure if the feeling is mutual. I fucking love you. Most days I wish I didn’t. But those other days, I think of how unfair I was toward the end. I stopped living my life while you flourished. But now that we haven’t talked, I begin to grow. I’m happy about that. Is my growth and our communication a toxic two? Damn. You were my best friend and the highlight of high school before you moved. We needed time apart and I couldn’t be more unsure of how I feel if I tried. However, whatever you’re up to I’m sure you’re doing your best. You always do. I forgive you for the pain I’ve felt in my heart during our transgressions in the past couple years, I hope you can forgive me for mine. You’re too great a part of who I am to leave on a bad note. I hope to hear from you one day,although,I’m not too hopeful. Until then I will continue to grow into who I’m meant to be and you will do the same.

    Your friend, now and always.



    • Twenty two years old with too much experience when it comes to hardship. I've used both music and poetry to shine light to the darkness that I've endured. For nine years I've written and recorded rap lyrics. Now working with New Theory to provide you with reality rhymes within BalladsbyValid's poetry.

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