Bare It All: Spring on the Smooth

    Daylight Savings usually jump starts everyone into spring cleaning mode and I am talking total body hair removal maintenance here ladies and gents. As the temperatures rise and the clothes get smaller, most individuals are looking to make sure their smooth is in check.

    No guy wants to be considered the old dude on the beach with angel wings attached to his back while civilian bystanders use espionage-type tactics just to snap a photo and send to their friends. This isn’t a Sasquatch hunt people. Next thing you know, you’re the next best meme.  All of a sudden, someone feels less than manly because they didn’t want to groom.

    And what about the poor ladies and the measures they have to take to “clean up nice”?  With the constant regime of shaving, waxing, plucking, etc., it’s exhausting and expensive to use all of these familiar methods of removal. Plus, women seem to have it the worst because the essence of femininity, traditionally speaking, is to go as bare as the eye can see- in every nook and cranny.

    Also, let’s be honest with ourselves, we cannot pretend like we didn’t let some extra time go by to grow out the hedges way past the point of acceptance where now a professional may be needed. It’s okay, just admit it. We are all just coming off of hibernation season and maybe preferred the superfluous layer of fleece to stay warm… or F*ck-it perhaps we were just single, who knows? Whatever the excuse, everybody is about to embrace the next phase of smooth cleaning (a.k.a. spring cleaning). It’s time to go bald and beautiful!

    But how can we effortlessly achieve this look you ask?

    Waxing is oftentimes tedious and eventually wears and tears on the skin, especially on the face. It may be a great option to shape brows, but every 6-8 weeks on a person’s legs, chest or back isn’t necessarily considered smooth sailing. Yet, people keep asking themselves the age old question, “to wax or not to wax?”

    And who doesn’t burn through their waxing packages? By the way, speaking of burn…

    Laser hair removal is not only time consuming, but expensive, not to mention that it’s commonly not effective or applicable for everyone. Oh yeah, and it’s not permanent. Did you realize that? Neither did I, until half way through my sessions.

    But the bigger problem? Hair removal is an ongoing, personal issue. After all, spring cleaning happens every year whether we like it or not. Case in point, even if it’s money, time, damage, or inefficiency, the usual suspects are continuously costing something.

    When it becomes the right time to choose smooth forever, regardless of the season, it really boils down to the value. The best kept smooth secret is finally about to be open to the masses…

    The Smooth System by Lucy Peters, originally derived from thermolysis, is the ultimate breakthrough by the hair removal experts themselves. It is the one and only, FDA approved, proven integrated scientific process and customized treatment plan which PERMANENTLY leaves your skin clean- and by clean, I mean hair-free.

    Even on the most delicate of target areas, no hair is capable of putting up a fight. It doesn’t matter what skin complexion a person is or their hair color or type, unsightly hair will no longer be a worry. It is even 100% guaranteed!

    This is a game-changer for the cleaning industry… I mean, the hair removal industry, my bad. There is absolutely no potential for skin damage, it only improves your smooth-with quality results.




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