How to Live and Learn From Your Mistakes

    We can learn from our mistakes. No one is perfect, therefore everyone makes them. It’s what you take from them and put to good use in your near future.

    We have the power to hurt. Hurt ourselves as well as others. Physically, mentally and emotionally. Pain and hurt are parts of life. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. At least that’s the saying, right?

    If we think before we act. Or think before we speak, we could save ourselves a lot of time by not having to clean up a mess we could have very easily avoided.

    In our adolescent years, we are taught wrong from right, bad from the good. We have the ability to make sound decisions based on this knowledge.

    Learning how to control your emotions and anger can be challenging. But like a good boxer you have to keep your head in the game.

    We are gonna make mistakes, we will not claim victory every time we put ourselves out there. We will fail or fall short, it is inevitable.

    But we must get up after we fall. We must give ourselves credit for trying when we fail. We must find the positive in every situation that didn’t go the way we planned.

    When we can understand why we fell short and process that information from that experience, then we can apply it to our next endeavor.

    That’s how we grow. It’s seeing the positive in all mistakes and failures. Really there is no such thing as failure. it’s actually making progress and moving closer to your success.

    That’s the concept behind the saying we live and learn.


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