Last Chance – Play The Best Mobile Games Of 2019!

    Unless you have been living under a rock this year, you must have noticed the extraordinary growth of mobile games this year. We can totally understand why! Mobile games have quickly evolved from the rudimentary snake game into genuinely immersive masterpieces. Instead of eating apples with a cute snake character and a few keypads on your phone, you can now drive fast cars in the latest NFS games, snowboarding and perform backflips on a mountain or try to survive on an island with other 99 players in the most captivating shooter games.

    It doesn’t matter if we talk casino games, social games or video games. The trend is the same. The biggest developers in the game development industry are busy allocating more time, money, know-how and advanced technologies to create new mobile games that are even more intriguing and appealing to the public. If you have recently caught the bug of playing games on the go yourself or you are a seasoned player curious to know how the best titles are ranked as we reached the end of 2019 then this is for you.

    • Shadowgun Legends Or Destiny 

    If you’ve been absolutely obsessed with playing Destiny on your computer, we are sure you are going to be absolutely delighted to try out the mobile smartphone version – Shadowgun Legends. You can expect an impressive game quality in terms of graphics and playability. For those of you who have never played Destiny, know that Shadwogun is basically a first-person shooter game that features a detailed base camp where you can find weapons to buy where you can hit up shops to buy, as well as a good location where you can gamble and win more in-game money (similar to the mobile casino games you can find at (, along with a black market where you can find a variety of new armor and game items. You can also use an unlimited number of in-app purchases or go around them if you wish to steer clear from any extra expenses.

    Enjoy the captivating story missions and unlock as many puzzles as you can so you can win more fame. 

    You can play Shadowgun Legends on both Android and iOS phones and tablets for free.

    • Alto’s Adventure – Go Snowboarding 

    Alto’s Adventure is one of the best mobile games out there at the moment. The game features the simplest one-touch controls that guide Alto and other characters that can be unlocked throughout the game down a mesmerizing mountain. Get ready to ride some mountain edges that would give you a heart attack in real life and perform those dream backflips that would leave even the most skilled snowboarders watching in awe.

    The game has excellent graphics and players can immerse in the gorgeous mountain scenery, realistic transitions from daytime to nighttime and the divine background music and get lost in the game for hours. 

    The game can be played on Android or iOS.

    • Player Unknown Battlegrounds – Survival Skills 

    The game is a remarkable survival shooter that allows players to fully experience the scary scenario of being parachuted on an island together with other 99 players and test their survival instincts. The game has originally gained its popularity in its PC version, but it would appear that it runs a lot smoother on a phone. Get ready to do some looting to get resources from abandoned buildings, play in single-player mode or gather your friends and create a squad (up to four players). 

    The game is completely free for both iOS and Android users.

    • Tropico Or Becoming The “El Presidente”

    How would you like to be the president of your very own Caribbean island and be in charge of modernizing it? Tropico is a hot mobile strategy game that allows you to lead your own people during the industrial revolution or work on attracting more tourists to your divine island. Practice your strategic thinking, creativity and political skills in a fun and engaging environment. The game costs $12 to install on your Android device, but the price paid is well worth it as you will be able to play in offline mode and get rid of the annoying ads within the game.

    So which one is our favorite? 

    Well it probably depends on hobbies and personal dreams. Do you love to snowboard? Or do dream of one day learn how to do a spectacular backflip and hear your friends cheer from you in the background? We all like to dream big. In the meanwhile, why not try the cute Alto and impress your friends with your snowboarding skills. 

    Our final advice would be to pick a game that makes you feel great!


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