Korean Beauty Secrets Guaranteed To Give You Glowing Skin

    In the past few years, the Korean skincare industry has become the mainstream, and their products have become more and more prominent on Western beauty shelves. So, why is Korean beauty so popular? Well, first, it’s safe to say that Koreans are obsessed with beauty, youthfulness, and clear skin, which is why they developed such effective products and formulas that target skin imperfections and signs of aging. Therefore, if you’re looking to add more glow to your skin, then here are some Korean beauty, mainly skincare, secrets that you should know about. 

    You don’t need all 10 steps to look good 

    You’ve probably heard about the well-known Korean 10 steps beauty routine. However, this routine might be time-consuming and expensive, especially if you’re already too busy with other activities, such as work, house chores, or child-rearing. Therefore, feel free to modify the 10-step routine, so it will work for you. Keep in mind that your routine needs three/four steps, depending on the time of the day: makeup removal/cleansing, serums, moisturizing, and sun protection. Everything else is pretty much optional and should depend on your preferences and availability. 

    Invest in a healthy lifestyle

    Again, South Koreans (and southeast Asians in general) have certain lifestyle practices that ensure their youthful appearance even in old age. For example, limiting your screen time, doing yoga and exercising, staying hydrated, and eating antioxidant-rich food are all wonderful habits that will keep you feeling and looking fresh both from the inside and on the outside. Also, be sure to get enough sleep, get regular face massages, and if possible, stay away from stressful people and situations. Implementing only some of these will help your skin heal while contributing to your inner well-being, which will positively reflect on your skin appearance. 

    Know your skincare goals and look for suitable products

    Making your skin glow is an amazing goal, however, this can be possible only if you take care of other skin issues such as dryness, acne, and flaking. Korean beauty products are powerful, which is why Korean skin care is so popular and beloved all over the world. The secret lies in the fact that their products are versatile and suitable for a wide range of skin concerns and goals. That’s why you should get to know your skin and its characteristics. Plus, being aware of your skincare goals (e.g. acne prevention or dark circles reduction) will help you find the most effective products. 

    Use the one-minute rule

    The one-minute rule states that one should take one minute to apply and massage all of their products. That means cleansing should take one minute, as well as massaging in all the serums and oils after that. This is important especially whilst double cleansing, because it takes about a minute for all the dirt and makeup to dissolve, before rinsing. Also, when applying moisturizing serums and creams, be sure to do so on damp skin because formulas tend to be less effective when applied on the dry skin surface.

    Keep things light, if you want dewy skin

    A dewy, glowy complexion is a skincare goal of many, which is why it’s advisable to keep things light if you want to achieve that. This is most important when it comes to makeup: layering too many products will create a cakey effect and make your skin look dull and tired, albeit free of imperfections. But when it comes to the glowy effect, less is always more. Therefore, feel free to opt for lightweight foundations, BB creams, and other tinted moisturizers. That way, your skin will be able to breathe while still looking fresh and natural. If you want to add an extra layer of glow, then feel free to apply a bit of shimmery highlight to your cheeks and eyelids. 

    Don’t forget about sun protection 

    If there’s one skincare rule that spans cultures and continents, then it’s sun protection. Exposing your skin to the sun can cause fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. So if you’re looking to keep your complexion youthful, then wearing sunscreen with high SPF is a must. Besides, the sunscreen will also protect your complexion from harmful UV rays that cause skin cancer and other related health problems. You should make sure to wear sunscreen even during the winter because your skin needs protection all the time. 


    It’s safe to say that the Korean beauty industry is in full bloom, which is why their products are dominating the beauty stores and beauty blogs alike. These secrets will help you transform your skin and get that amazing glowy effect, as well as, reduce and slow down the signs of aging. Using Korean skincare and beauty products will definitely help you achieve the perfect and healthy skin that you deserve to have. 


    • Scarlet is a passionate writer and regular contributor at highstylife.com interested in fashion, lifestyle, and health. She loves traveling, you could say that she is a real travel addict, especially when she has a chance to visit some exotic destinations. She would tell you that inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places.

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