King Cake for Mardi Gras Celebrations

    Jazz up your Mardi Gras celebrations with a vibrant King Cake this year.  King cake has an interesting history that dates back to the time when Louisiana was a territory of France. Ever since then, King Cake has played a colorful part in the Mardi Gras celebrations of New Orleans.  This cake is absolutely delicious!  It can best be described as a delightful marriage between a coffee cake and a buttery French pastry. Yep, this is a dream come true for fans of coffee cake and French pastry!

    The delicious inside!

    It’s also a great cake to make with the kiddies in your life. Once you’ve baked the cake, children can’t wait to help decorate with the colorful sprinkles. The traditional colors of: green, purple and yellow, or gold have a special significance. Now things are not only fun but also educational as the kids can learning something about the cake they are decorating. The color green signifies faith, purple represents justice and gold/yellow depicts power. Interesting, no? Not only do these colors make for a stunning appearance, but they have a nice story behind them making this cake even more interesting.

    Who will be King or Queen for the day?

    And the excitement isn’t over yet. Oh no! Now we have to talk about the little plastic hidden baby. Yes, a baby! Traditionally, a very small plastic baby is placed in the cake from underneath after baking.  It is a lucky token of a surprise for the person who winds up with it in their slice.  Some people, if they can’t find the plastic babies, use almonds or a bean as a safe substitute, and these substitutes can be baked inside the cake. The mystique behind the baby is that whoever gets it in their slice is crowned KING or QUEEN for the day!

    The Mardi Gras fun Just Keeps on Going!



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