Kento Masuda Attends the Grammys

    It’s awards season and in less than two weeks the world’s greatest artists, producers, and celebrities will strut bedazzled down the red carpet for the Grammy Awards presented by the Recording Academy. It’s the only time of the year where the most talented music industry professionals are all under the same roof and this year one of the most virtuosic musicians attending the Grammy Awards is none other than the legendary Kento Masuda.

    Hailing from Katori, Japan, Masuda is exalted throughout the echelons of the world as the most skilled and influential pianist of the 21st century. Combining classical genres with contemporary methods of recording, he has transcended the career ideals of master composers. Masuda’s musical influences span from Bach and Mozart, to modern tastes like Emerson Lake and Palmer, and the LA based hip hop project Sweetbox. His imaginative style has caught the eye of prominent figures such as multi-million dollar music director Lee Shapiro, New York Times best-seller Ruta Sepetys and avant-garde Japanese fashion-designer Yohji Yamamoto.

    As award winning producer Gary Vandy has said, “Kento Masuda is one of this world’s artistic treasures. His music is at once sonically spiritual and visually-expressive. You can see his music. The blend of smooth melodies and rhythmic grooves transports the listener. The environment Kento creates, allows participation in his sculpture of sound. It is a great honor to be a small part of his work.”

    Currently Kento Masuda is the Maestro composer to the Vatican and Kawai Pianos’ leading pianist, an accolade which includes owning and playing the Kawai Grand Crystal Piano, worth over one million dollars.  With only five in production, this piano allows viewers the rare chance to see-through a grand piano; with Masuda behind the keys, it’s a spectacle like no other. Masuda’s schedule is a list of global performances where he delights audiences with classical treasures and original compositions. While other musicians fear such an overwhelming schedule, Masuda finds ample time to focus on his great compositions including regal processionals commissioned by dignitaries throughout the world. We can expect the release of Masuda’s highly anticipated eleventh album in 2019.

    This winter Los Angeleans will have a unique chance to see Masuda up-close and personal. Aside from attending the 61st Grammy Awards, he’ll travel to a number of celebrity shows such as 99.1 FM KLBP’s radio series, “The Next Big Thing” hosted by Rachel Dares and Adelheid Waumboldt.


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