How cloud-based technology can improve your business

    Man holding mobile phone with cloud capabilities

    As the world of technology continues to move at the speed of light, it does not just change our personal lives for the better. When it comes to the world of business, technology has drastically helped to change it, with the internet being the driving force. An array of cloud-based products now on the market are helping to improve business efficiency in multiple sectors around the globe.

    Huge companies such as Vodafone are even implementing various cloud-based products to help drive innovation within business. Even if your company is not as big as Vodafone, cloud-based products can still be key for helping to improve efficiency, with multiple companies such as moorepay able to help. Here are five ways cloud-based products can improve your business: 

    IT Problems

    If you are using cloud computing, then you will be able to outsource your operational IT work to an external company rather than having it all on-site. This means that you will not have to worry about maintaining the IT infrastructure in-house, which will save time and money, as the external company will ensure everything runs smoothly, while also updating security regularly.


    Speaking of safety, while you may be worried about moving data from in-house to an external company, having everything online means business data could be safer. This is because these companies’ main job is to look after your information, rather than having an IT team looking after multiple areas within the business.


    More specifically, a more connected workforce. It is actually shown that companies investing in collaboration technology have seen productivity increase by as much as 400%. This is because workers can access relevant files and documents wherever, whenever they want. It also eliminates time-consuming processes of emailing or calling and waiting for a response. People can even work in one document simultaneously to save time.


    This is in relation to your workforce. Because these systems can be accessed at all times, no matter where a worker is, it will mean they can work from home, while on a business trip or on the go. The cloud will help improve the work productivity of employees, while also providing great perks such as flexible-work schedules and improving morale within the company.

    Data Management

    Finally, cloud-based products can make the handling of data easier because the cloud provides tools that can allow companies to search through high volumes of unstructured data quickly and easily. That has not always been available to large companies, saving plenty of time and money – perfect for your business.


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