Keep the Jewelry You Love: A Quick Guide to Ring Resizing

    You’re walking along the sidewalk when you notice something precious is missing from your finger.

    Your engagement ring! Panic sets in and the search takes over the whole day. When you finally find it again, you realize that its easy glide on and off your finger can wreak havoc.

    All of this could have been avoided with a proper ring resizing. Not every ring can be resized, but for one that can, resizing might be the second-best decision you ever make with it.

    In this guide, we’ll walk you through all the basics of getting a ring resized. Whether you received a ring as a surprise, gained or lost weight, or inherited someone else’s ring, here’s how to resize with confidence.

    Guessing a Partner’s Ring Size

    Choosing an engagement ring is a special decision. When you want to keep the big moment a surprise, you might find yourself wondering how to get the right fit for your partner.

    The good news is, you don’t have to get it right on the first try. Plenty of couples start with a rough fit and then go in for resizing after the proposal. It costs a little extra money, but it’ll likely be pretty minimal compared to the cost of the ring itself.

    Just make sure that resizing is possible with the ring type you select. You can check our next section for some pointers, but if you’re still not sure, go ahead and ask a professional.

    When you’re going ring shopping, ask the jeweler about their resizing policy. They’ll be able to tell you which rings you can bring back for resizing. They might even have some rings that come with a free resizing.

    When you’re guessing someone else’s ring size, you should still try to get within the right ballpark.

    Typically, rings can be adjusted up to two sizes up or down, but anything beyond that can conflict with the structural integrity. If you can quickly measure or trace another ring owned by the person whose ring size you’re guessing, you’ll be in the clear. A precise method like this might mean you won’t have to resize at all.

    What Can Be Resized and What Can’t

    Not every ring will have a resizing option. This is important to know for any ring owner, but it’s especially important if you’re guessing someone else’s finger size.

    Some rings, like ones with gemstones around the entire band, will need to be completely custom made for a certain size. For these, it’s not just a matter of adding and removing metal. A new size might change the number or spacing of the stones.

    Then there’s the material of the band itself. Materials that are too brittle or hard might not be able to weather the stress of sizing modifications. Even if you find a jeweler who’s willing to take on the job, you might run into limits on how much you can modify the size.

    Black zirconium, tungsten, and titanium are all examples of ring materials that don’t lend themselves well to resizing. If you’re looking at a platinum, silver, or gold ring, though, these softer materials will be relatively easy to resize.

    If you are aiming for one of these types of rings for a surprise engagement or gift, you might want to employ some sneaky methods of getting a ring measurement. Or you can just ask directly. It’s fun to keep the element of surprise, but you can be creative and surprise your partner with the timing, location, or other aspects instead.

    And if you’ve inherited a family heirloom that doesn’t fit your finger and can’t be resized, you’ve got some options.

    Try your other fingers to see whether another one will have a better fit. And if that doesn’t work, you can try wearing the ring as another piece of jewelry, like a necklace pendant. Talk to a jeweler to see if they can come up with an inventive option for you.

    When to Go For a Ring Resizing

    You might be wondering how to know for sure whether the ring is too tight or loose. We’ve got a handy little guide for you.

    If the ring is uncomfortable, it’s too tight. This may seem like a no-brainer, but some people have trouble telling the difference between snug and uncomfortable. If you’re worried that your ring is too tight because you have to pull to get it off, good news—as long as the comfort isn’t affected, your ring’s size should be just right.

    And if the ring slides off your finger without you applying pressure to it, it’s too loose. It might seem like a good fit if it slips on and off easily, but your hand won’t always be in the right position to keep a loose ring secure. Go for a little bit of a grip to make sure you can keep your keepsake for a long time.

    You might find yourself in need of a resizing if you’ve inherited a ring from someone else. Even if it’s very old and you aren’t sure of the material, you might be able to get it adjusted.

    Don’t be shy about taking an old ring to a jeweler for a resizing. This process isn’t just for engagement rings or new rings. The jeweler will be able to tell you what the material is and whether or not they can do the job for you.

    Where to Get Your Ring Resized

    If you’re resizing a ring that you just received, your best bet might be to take it back to the jeweler who sold the ring. They sometimes have discounts and deals on resizing one of their products, and they’ll be more familiar with a ring they made.

    But even if you don’t know who sold the ring or you’re in a different location now, you can take your ring to any jeweler for a resizing. Make sure you can trust the jeweler to keep your ring safe and do a careful job. Ask to see examples of their resizing work, or look through any reviews they might have.

    Now You Know!

    When a ring doesn’t fit you quite right, you don’t have to suffer in silence. Find out whether the material and design of your band is right for a ring resizing, and then take a trip to the jeweler! Your finger will be styled in comfort in no time.

    For more on the everyday tips that keep us moving, check out the rest of our site!


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