Karuna Juices Review

    Karuna means compassion. They combine their compassion with their passion for educating and resetting expectations regarding health and well-being, one person, one beverage at a time.

    Their roots are balanced between ancient far east remedies regarding food as medicine and modern nutrition backed by medical science.

    Each beverage works to restore health through whole plant based ingredients. Ingredients are carefully chosen for their functional benefits to restore digestive health with Prebiotics, provide antioxidants, deliver clean protein, and provide sustained energy.

    As a prerequisite of respect for body, soul, and planet, we work with many farmers to secure Non GMO and Organic ingredients while working to minimize their carbon footprint.

    I received the whole plant juices Detox, Viva, Rejuvenate, and Joy-D. All of these juices were very delicious and so rich in flavor. You can definitely taste all the healthy whole plant based ingredients. I will drink a juice after my lunch and it will make me feel so much better throughout the day. Each juice has a purpose to help you with immunity, energy, recovery, and power. From the immunity selection my favorite has to be the rejuvenate juice. This is a whole plant juice with antioxidants and minerals. The main ingredients are mango and goji berry with lemon and red dates. It does what its name says it makes you feel rejuvenated after you drink it. 

    From the recovery selection I got the bold berry lemonade and watermelon rush. These juices taste very good. Overall I highly recommend all of these juices if you are looking for some tasty healthy juices. 

    To view more about Karuna Whole Plant Juices click here: https://mykaruna.com/drinks/


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