John Alite, Former Gambino Crime Family Enforcer Talks To New Theory

    Former Gotti Enforcer John Alite speaks with New Theory Podcast candidly about his life in the mob.

    John Alite grew up Queens around “knockaround guys” who were connected with the local Italian Mafia.  Ironically it was one of his baseball coaches growing up which got him “connected” the Gambino Crime Family.  This was the 80s as the Italian Mafia was strong, especially in Howard Beach, Queens the home of the infamous John Gotti.  Although millennials did not get to see the heyday of the Italian Mafia in the US, they still love the Godfather, GoodFellas and The Bronx Tale.  Although the Godfather romanticized the Italian Mafia to its viewers, according to John there was a code that was adhered to amongst its “made members”.  John as you will listen traces the decline of the Mafia to the shooting of Paul Castellano who was more of a businessman than a traditional gangsters. He favored the lawyers, accountants and legitimate businessmen over a group of “hitters” any day.  There was violence, but only when it was necessary and it fit the families interest.

    For a current view of the Italian Mafia, check out our guest post by Ed Scarpo: Where Are the New York’s Five Families?

    John Gotti is still a household name, even decades after his death.  He was legendary as fought the government which gave him Robin Hood status, the modern day Al Capone.  According to Alite, Gotti was a poor leader and was responsible for the mafia’s downfall.  Along with the abandonment of traditions which the Mafia was supposed to stay out drugs.  It didn’t it was part of its ruination.

    Take a listen to this candid interview on the New Theory Podcast:

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