Jewel Changi Has Something for Everyone

    It is expected that Jewel at Changi Airport would develop into a culinary destination for Singaporeans and travelers worldwide. In addition to serving as a bridge to link all areas of Changi Airport, Jewel will be a gathering place for tourists from all around the world.

    Even though it spans more than 200 meters at its widest point, the 6,000-ton steel roof is supported only intermittently by the garden. Jewel’s design, which comprises 9,304 triangular glass roof panels that are dimensionally distinct, will provide an unparalleled outdoor dining experience while also providing areas favorable to leisure.

    It is the busiest aviation hub in Southeast Asia, with more than 50 million people boarding and departing each year, making it the world’s busiest airport. Jewel aspires to raise Changi Airport to a new degree of worldwide reputation and to establish itself as a prominent tourist attraction in its own right via its innovative and distinctive concept.

    Jewel is a new rising multi-functional building with a modern design. Jewel Changi, which is being built as a climax of a mission to achieve world-class quality and architectural perfection, will unite Singaporeans, tourists, and visitors with nature. With its extensive range of services and amenities and its retail lifestyle options, this landmark venue will become a vital component of the day-to-day travel and cultural experiences available in this area.

    Throughout the airport, there is artwork to be seen at every turn, and it is not something to be overlooked. Local and foreign tourists both benefit from it, and it’s an excellent method to introduce young people to the world of art.

    When it comes to cleanliness, service, and environment, the Jewel Changi Airport consistently ranks among the world’s top, and it’s simple to understand why. The airport maintains very high standards in all of these areas. Whether you are passing through Singapore on your way to your next destination, you can be confident that clean restrooms will be available to you.

    With its unique location in an international transit center, Jewel Changi’s design allowed people traveling through Singapore to experience the richness of the regional cultures of the world through food, fashion, and art.

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    The sculptured fountain with a flowing cascade has elaborate lighting and sound show coordinated with music. This world-class, award-winning attraction, located airside near the Landside Transit Terminal, is a defining feature of the Changi Airport experience.

    A soaring glass facade gives way to a beautiful cascading column of water, seamlessly fusing art and architecture. In addition to all of the stores and eating choices, you’ll discover that some of these areas have special surprises hidden inside, from children’s playgrounds to small gardens and even art projects that merge seamlessly into the surrounding environment.

    Sink into the tropical gardens with a potted plant, or unwind with a book in one of the reading nooks on the premises. It’s your own personal daytime playground. This is a place to relax, escape the strains of daily life, or participate in enjoyable activities that are interactive enough for children to enjoy. Jewel Changi has something for everyone.

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