Jenna Kingma Goes All Around The World

    Jenna Kingma 1 (2)Tour Group is Bravo’s new luxury travel docu-series following a diverse and vibrant group of travelers as they get to know each other while in search of the ultimate vacation. Each participant has their own personal reasons for embarking on this trip. This series showcases these individuals and their personalities as they explore the most exclusive and exotic locations.

    We sat down with Jenna Kingma, a jewelry designer from California, as she reminisced on her experiences during this journey of a lifetime, where she traveled the world hoping to reconnect emotionally with her twin sister.

    NEW THEORY: What advice would you give individuals who are looking to turn their hobby into a career?

    Jenna Kingma: Everyone has something they are destined to do. Once you find yours hold onto it, invest in it, and build it from the bottom up. Put what you want out into the universe and stay determined. Never give up. Life should be lived boldly!

    NT: Tell us about your new show, Tour Group. How did you get involved with Bravo’s new luxury travel docu-series?

    Jenna Kingma 2JK: My twin sister found out about the opportunity and asked me if I would be interested in going on a “luxurious trip around the world.” Of course, I replied to her immediately with, “Yes!!” We were lucky enough to go on this incredible journey.

    NT: What can we expect from the first season?

    JK: You can expect stunning exotic locations, fish-out-of-water experiences, and of course drama.

    NW: Tour Group highlights the relationship between you and your fraternal twin sister, entertainment host and social media influencer, Misty. Can you breakdown how the show affected your relationship?

    JK: The trip allowed Misty and I to spend quality time together and put us in situations where we were forced to confront issues from our past. We are both a little stubborn and had developed poor communication skills over the years due to living across the country from one another. At times my twin and I have gone months without speaking because of a fight and the trip allowed us to learn to communicate more effectively. We were also able to work out Misty’s feelings of competitiveness that stemmed from our childhood. While traveling in Kenya we both realized it’s definitely a thing of the past.

    NT:  In what way has traveling inspired your style for design?

    JK: Each country has a different style, different resources used, different techniques, and each one a different story to tell about their culture. I welcomed the various jewelry making techniques and materials into my design process.

    unnamedNT: What does your current jewelry line collectively say?

    JK: To be bold in expressing who you are and never apologize for making a statement.

    NT: What did the show teach you about being a strong, independent woman in other cultures?

    JK: I learned that I am happy with who I am as an individual. Combined with having that connection with my twin sister again makes me feel a wholeness I haven’t felt in a long time. Misty’s support helped my self discovery, independence, and gave me the courage to start my own company. Traveling cleared my head allowing my creativity to run free while exploring brought out a new joy in me. But no matter how strong and independent you are… you cannot walk alone in Morocco!

    NT: Do you find there is a blurred line between successful business and driving creative passions?

    JK: Yes! There is definitely a blurred line between success and passion! I believe you will only be successful if you follow your passion. You have to follow you instinct, go with what your heart says.

    NT: After watching the show, I’m sure many people will begin to feel like they know you. Does that worry you at all? Or do you embrace the social media?

    JK: Nah, I am not worried at all. I was lucky enough to be on this life changing trip and I embraced it completely.I prefer to live life on the edge with minimal plans. That keeps it exciting. I get bored easily 🙂

    NT: What is next for Jenna Kingma?

    JK: I am very excited to embark on this new direction for my life. I am always in a relationship. For the first time, I want my jewelry company to be my boyfriend; to be my everything. I want all my energy to go towards my work and building my brand into a global company.


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