Jay Diamondz Why He Chose His Artistry Over Fame

    New Theory Podcast: Jay Diamondz’s Return

    About a year ago, New Theory Podcast had a special guest by the name of Jay Diamondz. He was an up and coming pop star who released a track called “Shining Bodies,” and was starting to see serious returns. Then, just as he started to see fans begin to ask for him by name, he mysteriously stopped all music production.

    After a year, Jay Diamondz resurfaced with a totally new sound and a brand new outlook on the music industry. Baffled by the sudden disappearance and reappearance, Tom La Vecchia invited Jay Diamondz back on the show to find out why he took a break when most other musicians would have charged ahead.

    According to the rising pop star, his break was one that was necessary on both a creative and emotional level. Jay Diamondz took a break to focus on his music, change the sound, and also find inspiration in new cities across the country. It seemed to pay off, since his latest hit, “One Night,” has been taking off.

    In this episode of the New Theory Podcast, Jay Diamondz explains what moving to a new city was like for him and his family, how it impacted his music, and the advice that he has for others who want to make it big as a creative. What he has to say will amaze you.

    Take a listen:

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