Concierge Parenting: The Newer, Smarter Type of Parenting

    Over the years, we’ve heard myriads of different parenting techniques that are either espoused as the go-to method for healthy kids or the one parenting method that you allegedly absolutely have to avoid. We’ve heard about attachment parenting, disciplinarian parenting, and many more. The list seems to go on and on.

    For the most part, all parenting methods seem to be packaged and sold the same way. It’s always a one-size-fits-all solution. The problem with these parenting methods is that it’s not always easy to figure out how your child will react to it. What works for one might not work for another.

    Kids are individuals, so why not give parenting an individual touch?

    That’s the idea behind parenting expert Reena B. Patel’s concept of concierge parenting. This form of parenting is about catering to a child’s unique needs in a more a la carte type of way. So, rather than working on a cookie cutter method, the unique things that your child struggles with become the focus of your parenting and schooling plan. It’s a simple, yet revolutionary, idea.

    Think about it this way: some children need to be taught emotional resilience more than others do. Other children, on the other hand, are the life of a party but struggle with schoolwork. Concierge parenting and education based on it works to help both types of children succeed.

    Sometimes, finding a child’s weaknesses isn’t easy. Patel created a system that helps parents do this, and she does it by giving children assessments that help quantify weaknesses. Once the assessments are done, parents and educators can work together to develop a plan that helps kids learn what they need to learn. To make matters even more individualized, Patel helps kids figure out their best learning styles.

    The academic aspects of concierge parenting are pretty widespread in tutoring centers across America, but certain things still stand out about this method that make it even better. The one unique thing about Patel’s approach to parenting is the importance she places on emotional resilience.

    Part of growing up is learning not to buckle when stress gets the best of you. Life is always going to be filled with obstacles, rejection, and other negative aspects. School alone is not enough to help children learn how to brace themselves from inevitable hurdles in life. That’s where concierge parenting comes into play.

    The question now is why this kind of parenting hasn’t caught on quite yet in schools. Studies show that children who have lower levels of emotional resilience turn out to be maladjusted adults. In a world where just raising healthy children seems to be a herculean task, doesn’t it seem like a good idea to have a focus on resilience in schools?

    In time, chances are that Patel’s concept of concierge parenting and nurturing emotional resilience will start to spread to school systems and major counseling organizations. After all, what we all need is a simple solution that can help people navigate the complex world we live in.


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