Italian Restaurant in Staten Island Develops New Theory Towards Serving Millennials and Gen Z

    When running a 2nd generation business you want to keep traditions but you also need to stay relevant.  

    Running a 2nd generation business is extremely difficult. Only 30% of all family-owned businsses survive into the next generation. Just 12% of the same companies survive into the third generation. It’s even more challenging in the restaurant space as tastes and preferences change over time.

    How Did RoadHouse Restaurant Stay Relevant Over 47 Years?

    The RoadHouse Restaurant in Staten Island has been around for 47 years and has strived through great food, attentive service and one of the few old old-school spots left in NYC. Although becoming modern may sound easy to most, it’s difficult to do as you want to protect individual traditions, especially when you want to protect your parents legacy. That is precisely what Mark Andrea is doing while running a successful business. However, Mark is a businessman and recognizes the need to change with the times.

    How Did This Old School Joint Adopt Technology?

    Although this would be the norm for a NYC or San Fran bay area company, The RoadHouse opted not to deliver as they were concerned about the integrity of the food in transit.  Admittedly, Mark shares his fathers philosophy of “if they want good food, they will have to come get it”.  Which that may be true we all have busy lives and dinner delivery is now the standard.  That is why RoadHouse uses Door Dash to deliver their food locally for as little as 99 cents.  

    Mark joins the New Theory podcast as we discussed his strategy to not only stay relevant but to succeed in the ultra-competitive Staten Island restaurant market. At first, he made some small tweaks like adding vegan-centric offerings and gluten-free pasta (which was never heard of 20 years ago in an Italian joint like this). But also some features come full circle as he always sourced locally with fresh ingredients which frankly did not matter as much to Gen Xers as is does to Millennials and Gen Z.

    Take a listen as Mark shares why the RoadHouse has stayed relevant for 47 years and what he is doing to make it to the next generation:

    The RoadHouse is a must visit even you don’t live on Staten Island as they are known for their Clam Pie as well as amazing Meatballs that will give Nonna a run for her money.

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