Is A Script Needed To Help Drum up Sales When Talking On The Phone?

    Making sales is vital for any business, but every sales process is different. Not only are their different techniques in use, there are also a number of companies using scripts to ensure that they are always putting their best foot forward – but is this right for your business? In this article, we will be looking into whether or not a script is a right choice to implement in your office. 

    Helps To Train New Members Of The Team

    When running a business, you need a sales team that runs like a well-oiled machine and one member of the team that lacks knowledge can hold the team back. Whether this is through learning the processes or the limitations of their own knowledge, this can cause the team to slow down whilst they are training up others. However, with a number of well-written telemarketing scripts on hand, you can begin to train up sales team members to give them the best chance of closing a sale. 

    Can Lack A Personal Touch 

    However, this is not a popular sales style for some as they prefer a more conversational approach. Though there may be a very loose script with opening and closing lines, the rest is left to the sales associate to nurture the lead over a prolonged period. By implementing a ridged script to follow, you then run the risk of looking overly sales-driven to potential clients, by keeping it natural, you can then begin to gain trust and show you are concerned about the customer’s problems and are looking to help them resolve them. 

    Could Easily Become Outdated

    Another slight issue with telemarketing scripts is that they can become outdated and may lose their effectiveness over time. However, keeping the script as open-ended as possible and using it more as suggestions for your sales team will help them to do what they do best – sell! Keeping your script as open as possible will allow the team to show their own personality and built trust with clients. This will then more than likely appeal to the potential customer and a conversation will begin. This could then result in a sale in the following months when a relationship has been built between you and the customer. 

    Helps To Keep The Sales Process The Same 

    Another benefit to a rough script is that it makes sure the sales process is the same for each member of the team. It outlines what they can and cannot offer as well as the appearance that you want to give off to the customer about your company. This perception is crucial during this stage as you want to ensure that your business is seen in the best possible light at all times, regardless of the size of the sale. 

    With this in mind, there are a number of benefits to writing a script for your sales team, but there are also a number of limitations that you may be faced with. Will you be implementing a script for your sales team?


    • Tom La Vecchia

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