Importance Of Technology In Online Gaming & Betting

    It would be pertinent to mention here the online mobile gaming industry is worth around $100bn at the end of the year 2017. Hence it would be pertinent to have some brief idea about the growth story of gambling and sports betting in general and online gambling in particular. There is hardly any doubt that the growth of online gambling and sports betting has been closely linked with technology. We all know that whether it is gambling on various games or whether it is engaging in sports betting, it is done for money. It is basically about placing bets or playing the odds and hoping to win money. It is popular because of the sheer excitement associated with it. There are many who get into games like baccarat online with the only objective of hitting the jackpot someday and making a killing out of it and changing their lives forever. There is no denying the fact that technology has bought gambling to our bedrooms and this also could be one of the big reasons for its ever growing popularity.

    A Brief Timeline Of The Gambling Industry

    Though dice rolling as a primitive form of gambling has been prevalent since 100 A.D the evolution to today’s world of casino cities and online gambling and betting has been quite long. The growth and evolution of big names like sbobet88 and many others has not taken place overnight. It has time for technology to become a part of gambling. The first person so make money out of gambling was Harry Ogden and it was way back in 1790. This saw the growth of illegal gaming and gambling because it was not allowed under the law. In 1845 the brick and mortar story of gambling began and this was a big step to say the least. The first online gambling started taking off in right earnest in 1998 with names like Betfair and others. This gave birth to today’s big names like tangkasnet and maxbet. The year 2012 saw the revenue from online gaming, betting and gambling touch a figure of $4 billion. This was a staggering increase of 80% when compared to 2008. In 2015 the turnover form online form of gaming and betting was $41 billion and in 2017 it has reached an astonishing figure of $100 billion and is poised to touch $300 billion in the next couple of years.

    The Reasons For Growth

    There are many reasons attributable for the growth of online gambling. The biggest contributory factor was the explosion of the computer revolution. Computers became affordable and today there are vast majority of homes where there is a computer. Today’s computers are extremely powerful, sleek and not very expensive. This has helped people to try gaming and gambling in the comfort of their homes. If you visit sites like you will be able to find out how easy and simple gambling and betting has become today.

    The Growth Of Internet And Mobile Telephony

    While availability of cheap computers laid the foundation stone for the proliferation of the gaming industry, there are two more factors that have contributed towards this growth story. These are the tremendous progress in internet connectivity and deepening of this technology. Today with 4G and 5G technologies, it is possible to reach even the remotest of places with high quality network and connectivity. The optical fiber revolution is no longer the domain of a few nations and it has well and truly reached even small and lesser developed countries.  This, combined with growth and development of new technologies in mobile telecommunication are also important factors for driving the growth of gaming and gambling across the world.

    Number Of Games, Improved Payouts And Other Attractions

    Apart from offering the best of graphic and playing experience, there are a few more reasons that one should bear in mind. These include payouts, the number of games offered and other such attractions. The software platform also has a role to play.


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