Mbps Defined: What Is a Good Internet Speed?

    Do you rely on the internet for business? Or is web surfing your thing? Gaming, watching movies, and sharing photos are all popular internet pastimes.

    Most people use the internet for email and at least a couple of social media accounts. Facebook alone has over one billion daily users!

    Are you searching for an internet provider? If so, you know they all promise high speeds. But what is a good internet speed?

    Read on and we’ll demystify the numbers behind the Mbps internet speeds.

    Determine Your Need for Speed

    Good internet speed for one person might be too slow for another. It all depends on what your needs are. 

    If you’re frustrated with your internet speed, chances are your connection is too slow. But that doesn’t mean you should spring for the most expensive internet tier. 

    The best satellite internet providers offer speeds of up to 25 megabits per second (Mbps). And that’s a good speed for the average internet user. 

    All internet speeds are about bandwidth. Bandwidth determines the maximum rate you’ll get data from the internet onto your computer.

    Bits per second is how bandwidth is measured. Eight bits equal one byte. And one megabyte (1MB) equals eight megabits.

    A 1MB file takes you eight seconds to download if your internet connection is one megabit per second. 

    Every device in your house shares bandwidth. Lots of devices and internet activity means you’ll need a bigger bandwidth. 

    So how much speed do you need? Let’s take a look…

    What Is a Good Internet Speed for Your Needs?

    What do you and your family use the internet for most?

    Do you use the internet for checking your email and social media as well as doing some web surfing? Believe it or not, 1 Mbps is about all you need. 

    Video conferencing needs between 1-4 Mbps. So if you work from home, you’ll want at least 4 Mbps. 

    Are you an online gamer? You’ll need between 1-3 Mbps. People think online gaming needs lots of bandwidth. But low latency is more important.

    Latency is the amount of time it takes your computer to “talk” with the gaming server. 

    If you’re streaming standard-definition video, you’ll want 3-4 Mbps. High-definition video needs 5-8 Mbps. 

    If you download large files on a frequent basis, you’ll need 50 Mbps and higher. What’s a large file? Anything over about 50 megabytes (MB)

    How Do You Find the Best Internet Bandwidth?

    Your options are sometimes limited based on where you live. If you’re in an urban area, you’ll have more options. Big cities offer cable and fiber optic lines.

    Cable is fast. Fiber optic lines are the fastest. 

    Satellite is a little slower, but it’s available almost everywhere. Even people in remote areas often have satellite available. 

    The Internet Speed That Works Best for You

    What is a good internet speed? That speed that works best for your needs.

    Everyone’s internet needs are different. Many people don’t need the fastest internet service available. And if you don’t need the fastest speed, why pay higher prices?

    Pay attention to your internet use. And then figure out your needs. Don’t forget that all household devices share the same bandwidth. 

    Now you’re ready to find the best internet provider! Find more great tech advice here


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