How Your Girl Hit You For Six, With Her Set Of Special Toys

    You drove home from work in good form, knowing that the weekend is upon you. You were playing cricket the following day, and handily your game was not too far from where your girlfriend has her apartment, so you could head straight there in the morning after spending the night with her.

    She’s a lovely girl, the sort that every father would dream of, with a pretty smile, and a beautiful personality. She works hard at her career, and only drinks in moderation, while going to church every Sunday. But you were about to see a side of her that you never knew existed.

    Your sex life was very conventional, and you had been dropping hints as to maybe you could try some different things, but you assumed they were falling on deaf ears. Therefore, you got the shock of your life when she told you to look in her top drawer, where you found that she wanted strap on action. 

    • It’s fair to say you were initially stumped with what to say, even though you were bowled out by what was in store. This was definitely going to be more than your average evening together as she told you about her online purchases from a company that deals in quality sex toys and offers a fast and discreet service.
    • Your hints that you were open to a little rear end activity was obviously being listened to, as you were caught at the crease while your fair maiden donned a Silicone Butterfly Probe with Remote Control complete with sexy strap, which guaranteed that she pushed your boundary, after she’d got her eye in.
    • There was time for a brief drink break while you tried to take stock of the situation before she asked you to slip into a Double Cock Ring with Beaded Probe which provided you with an extra bit of assistance to give your woman double penetration, which certainly hit the sweet spot if her shouts of encouragement were a guide.
    • The Double Delight Strap On was versatile and an incredible experience, with one end used to penetrate you while she got onto the other while she jumped aboard your back, before the sat close and intimate and wriggled as you looked into each other’s eyes and had the time of your lives, with the assistance of plentiful lube which came with the same parcel.
    • By now, you were wondering if you would be any fit state to play any sport the next day, or indeed if you wanted to. Rain would have been handy for you both to decamp under the covers, especially after the thrill of seeing your wonderful girl on the other end of your Double-Ended Dong, which certainly found a good length.

    Getting into bed to nestle in together romantically, you tried to take in the previous couple of hours. You’re not sure who put your girl onto the company, but you owe them a drink. And of course, who knows what’s to come in the second innings next week.

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