How You Can Cut Costs and Boost Engagement with Self Serve Kiosks

    Self serve kiosks have become ubiquitous in recent years. While they’re everywhere these days in Quick-Serve Restaurants and supermarkets, there’s so much more that they can do and be when you work with the right partner.

    In some industries, self serve has been both welcome and a pleasant surprise. Self service has been embraced by consumers in industries like hospitality, travel, QSR, fundraising, banking, and entertainment. Self serve kiosks can cut down costs and reduce wait times for consumers, all while improving brand engagement instead of detracting from it.

    Working with the right partner for your self serve kiosk needs can make the difference between a successful rollout and one that doesn’t achieve your organization’s aims.

    BIG Digital is one company that provides indoor and outdoor interactive kiosks for a range of solutions. They specialize in brand and sponsorship activations, wayfinding, gamification experiences, event networks, and self service.

    A BIG Digital self serve kiosk can support everything from donation campaigns to interactive interfaces that let customers customize their new car. They’re designed to maximize engagement while also providing 24/7 operations without the labor costs.

    Self serve kiosks can work in a diverse number of industries. These are just some of the benefits of using them for your organization.

    Reduce Staff Costs

    Labor cost reductions are a major driver behind the adoption of self serve kiosks. Exactly how much they can save you depends on how you deploy them and the nature of your campaign, but large numbers of businesses have introduced plans to reduce labor costs through automation.

    Self serve kiosks can be introduced to retail environments where they can reduce the need for cashiers, but they can also expand your reach without needing any staff at all. Donation kiosks are a great example of how self serve kiosks can extend your campaign without needing to pay someone to actively be there. Get 24/7 operations wherever you need to be.

    Cut Down Wait Times

    Introducing self serve kiosks isn’t just about cost-cutting measures. They can also be used to significantly improve the customer experience.

    Consumers don’t want to wait in long lines when they go shopping in person. While consumers report enjoying the ability to see, touch, and test products before they make a purchase, they’ve also grown accustomed to the convenience of online shopping.

    Self serve kiosks mean more customers can be served faster.

    Interactivity and CMS for Engagement

    An important element of any self serve kiosk is brand engagement. Self serve kiosks can do so much more than just process transactions. They can also guide and engage with consumers.

    A self serve kiosk should have motion and gesture sensors that enable more interactivity than just a touchscreen, and come with a dynamic Content Management System that allows you to engage with consumers at a more meaningful level. Some brands are even integrating Artificial Intelligence avatars to talk to consumers, give them more information on promotions and deals, and gauge consumer behavior.

    Self serve kiosks go beyond tap and go payment processing. They can cut down costs, reduce wait times, and provide a more interactive, informative experience for consumers.

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