How to Wear Off Shoulder Dress With Bra

    There are many types of bras that offer reasonable support and coverage without the straps. These include strapless, adhesive, and convertible bras. You can even wear nipple covers or body tape under your off shoulder dress. While these are great for ladies with small bust sizes, they may not work for full-figured women. 

    What Bras Can You Wear With Off Shoulder Dress?

    While showing off the bra straps is the new trend that has been increasingly adopted, some outfits demand an unsullied look. One of these is the off shoulder dress, where the bra straps running across your shoulders can be distracting and inconvenient. In that case, check out the following options to replace your conventional bra:

    Strapless Bra

    As the name indicates, a strapless bra is sans straps and the simplest option under your dress. While the bra is notorious for sliding down occasionally, thick underwires and an adhesive grip should fix this issue. This way you can go about your day without tugging on your dropping bra.


    Moreover, look for a band size that is one size smaller than your normal bra. This will further stabilize the strapless bra and make you feel secure. Finally, the bra has sturdy cups to make up for the lack of support due to the absence of straps, which are also great for coverage and a smoother silhouette.

    Adhesive Bra

    Adhesive bra is also also known as a stick-on bra. It is a backless, strapless bra that adheres to the contours of your breasts using a strong, medical-grade adhesive. The bra is often made from silicone cups, carried in an outer fabric. Some of these bras feature wings that attach to the sides of your torso.


    The bra primarily provides coverage and a seamless frame, without significant support. Thus, they are a viable option if you are not looking for exceptional support. Adhesive bras with front closure allows you to gather your breasts to create an alluring cleavage. The closure can be in the form of clasp or strings.

    Convertible Bra

    Convertible bra or multiway bra has detachable straps, which gives you the freedom to change the position of the straps. It is all-in-one bra that can be used under different kinds of outfits. You can use this bra under a halter neck top, one shoulder blouse, and of course, an off shoulder dress.


    Simply, remove the clasps on the edges of the straps to convert the bra to a strapless one and get ready to flaunt your new dress. The only thing to remember is that this bra will not provide the same level of support as a strapless bra.

    Nipple Covers

    Nipple covers are simply a pair of adhesive pasties that stick right onto your nipples using a strong sticking mechanism. Their main function is to cover the nipples and the surrounding aerola, so they do not show through your dress. They are best under off shoulder dresses that are tight-fitted or made from a flimsy fabric.


    Also known as patels, these are mostly flesh colored and made up of silicone. They can stay put for upto 6 hours unless you sweat excessively. They are also reusable as long as you take good care of them (wash with mild soap and water, and allow them to air dry).

    Body Tape

    Body tape is the secret behind the stunning red carpet fashion, where the female celebrities often use it to create a perky silhouette. It is basically a double-sided tape designed to adhere to the skin and stay put. It has the ability to resist the body oils and is not painful to take off.


    For an off shoulder dress, take enough tape to cover the entire circumference of your bust. Lift your breasts and stick the tape across your chest and around your back. Unlike the nipple covers and adhesive bra, the body tape is not reusable.

    Bonus Tip

    If you are most comfortable in wearing a regular bra with all its characteristic features, such as the band and straps, then you just need to get creative. Look for bras with bedazzled or glittery straps to add some bling to your attire. Replace your bra straps with nylon and string some stones or beads.


    You can also wear a bra with colorful straps. You can either match the straps to your dress or opt for a contrasting color for a funky look. There are no fixed rules when it comes to showing off your bra straps. As long as you look great and feel comfortable, everything goes.


    However, stay away from transparent bra straps as they scream the 90s and not in a good way!


    Off shoulder dresses are the ultimate summer wear. Therefore, next time you want to wear one to show off your shoulders, opt for a bra that comes with removable straps or no straps at all. If you feel comfortable, you can even wear the nipple covers or body tape, loved by many celebrities.

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