How to Stay Safe on Your First Date

    woman and man shake hands during online dating

    Dating is a bittersweet experience for most women. Although you might have been talking to someone online or via texts for several days, the day you finally agree to meet brings about mixed feelings. There are several risks that come with going out to meet someone new.

    Many will be stressed, wondering if they made the right choice, whether this person is safe to meet, the place, and what to do should anything happen. While it’s ok to worry about these things, proper planning and preparation are required for a successful date.

    You will need to take several precautions to ensure your safety. Have everything from transportation, meeting time, and items to carry for personal protection planned out properly. This needs to be done whether you meet this person online, through chat line numbers, dating apps, or social media.

    Tips and ideas on how to stay safe on your first date

    Chat Line Numbers and Dating Sites: Dating line sites and chat lines make it possible for one to interact with the other person, get to know him/her, and how he/she comes off from his/her vibe. The phone sex adult chats are excellent examples of chat sites that have been around for quite some time, hence a good place to start. If security is your top priority while dating, you might want to use a chat line service. This allows you to stay completely anonymous where you don’t even have to share any personal details or your image unless you wish to.

    Planning the time, place, and surroundings: It would be advisable to choose a public place when planning your first date. Be sure to pick a venue with lots of people such as a restaurant, strip mall, an entertainment venue, or an outdoor hiking spot. Set the date during times when more people are around. This can be during the lunch hour or dinner. It wouldn’t be advisable to go for a blind date in late hours.

    Transportation: Never use the same transport means as the stranger when going for a date for the first time. It is wiser to take your own transport means such as drive yourself or use public means such as a bus, taxi, or Lyft/Uber. You also need to have an exit plan in case the date ends prematurely or you wish to leave alone. You could take a Taxi/Lyft/Uber if you need a fast way out. Public transport such as buses might not be as convenient if you need to get out of the place fast.

    Have personal protection ready: Pepper spray is one of the most commonly preferred personal protection kits, though scissors and stun gun can be used as an alternative. Be sure to check the legality of stun guns in your state to avoid breaking the law. Stun guns are however legal in most states. Scissors are an excellent alternative if you do not have access to a stun gun or pepper spray. Only use these when you have too, and for self-defense only.

    Let a family member or friend know where you are: It’s wise to let your family or even a friend know you’ll be going for a date. He/she should be able to call or check on you to ensure everything is ok. Be sure to text or call them when you leave for the date, arrive, and when ready to part ways with the ‘stranger.’ As long as someone knows where you are or will be, you can be assured of extra protection should the worst happen.

    Consider a group setting: There are times when you won’t be comfortable going for a date alone. If this is the case, you can always consider a group setting, where you can plan to meet such as a foodie or hiking group. This way, you will be in the company of familiar people when you meet with the date. Be sure to check with the other person to see if he/she is comfortable with this. Going for a date in a group setting makes it much safer than if you were alone.

    Always follow your gut feeling: Most people plan a date after talking to the person for several days or even weeks, and are comfortable meeting. While this is ok, you need to listen to your inner self, or gut feeling, when planning the date. If something seems wrong or off about this person, you should break it off immediately until sure what it is. Never feel obligated to go through with the date or meet the person. If the person seems to force you into meeting him/her, or anything else you aren’t comfortable with, you should call it off. Your safety is more important than meeting with someone your gut doesn’t seem to trust.

    Keep an eye on your food and drink: Never leave your drink or food unattended on the first date. You shouldn’t even take your eyes off these to be on the safe side. Many people have fallen victims of spiked drinks and foods, putting them at an even higher risk. Never trust a stranger until you have a reason. The person you are meeting with might be honest and trustworthy too; the same cannot be said about other people in the restaurant.

    Look into this person online: Don’t meet with someone you know very little about. While many people will call it stalking, you need to check out this person’s profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media platforms. A simple google search should help you know something more about them. Looking into someone before planning a date could save you lots of trouble at the end of the day. Watch out for red flags such as a cheat, individuals convicted of crimes, and anything else that seems out of place.


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